Topic: im sorry about the stupid comments

please give me tips on posts to put up

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Re: im sorry about the stupid comments

You know, just be yourself. Try adding details and descriptions to your messages, and remember your language art skills, such as capitalization and punctuation.

Or do you mean ideas on topics to post? Sorry, this is a good example of the usefullness of adding descriptions in your posts... If you mean topics, well, if we had any ideas for those we'd have probably already posted them. I think you should just let things slide, you know. If you think of a good topic to post, post it. If you can't, don't post something useless in place of it. There are plenty of other topics to post in.

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Re: im sorry about the stupid comments

Yeah, when I first came here my post's where about 5-10 words long tongue

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Re: im sorry about the stupid comments

What they said.i'm still posting lego amounts but,I think i get my point across.
Always double check spelling and grammer;I learned my lesson...take it from someone who confused bronze with brawns.
  Keep to the basics and keep up with the topic.In other words,try not to get sidetracked and don't use to many big words.It confuses people.
   I would post more if I knew any more.

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Re: im sorry about the stupid comments

Yeah, just post what you would say. Thats what I do. ANd remember to keep your grammar in line and.....blah, blah,blah,blah.

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