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Die Hard's McClane: Fan of Fett?

Updated December 13, 2014 11:36 am • Published
Written by • Filed under Fettpedia

die-hard-4-fett.jpgBruce Willis' character John McClane gets a line alongside Boba Fett (cardboard stand-up) in a scene with Kevin Smith in the new film, Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4).

John McClane (Willis): "Nice poster."
The Warlock (Smith): "Oh, what, you like a big fan of the Fett?"
John McClane: "No, was always more of a Star Wars guy."
The Warlock: "Star Wars guy? WHO IS THIS MAN?"

The fourth film is directed by Len Wiseman with a screenplay and story by Mark Bomback, with additional story credit to David Marconi.

The following YouTube clip doesn't include Boba Fett, but it's the same scene:

YouTube Preview Image

Very special thanks to "BFFC Eric" for calling this in, right after Thursday night's screening, and for "therealmccoy" for additional details.

8 thoughts on “Die Hard's McClane: Fan of Fett?

  1. therealmccoy says:

    "You a fan of the Boba Fett?" lol

  2. therealmccoy says:

    they had to digitaly remove fett from next to willis in the trailer for copyright reasons im pretty sure

  3. Jesse Fett says:

    ha ha is that Mac? like pc and mac from the commercials?

  4. therealmccoy says: you guys live under rocks?! lol

  5. Boba Dude says:

    Thats frickin cool!

  6. OH this is great! Thanks for the heads-up. I haven't seen any of the DH movies, but now I have a great reason to LOL

  7. Sadriel Fett says:

    I knew I recognized that guy from somewhere, but couldn't put my finger on it.

  8. Kina Fett says:

    Justin Long is also from Dodgeball and Herbie Fully Loaded. I'm glad they put that Boba Fett stand up in there- it was cool.

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