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Chat Room is Open

Updated December 13, 2014 11:39 am • Published
Written by • Filed under Community

Now you can chat 24/7, but who wants to host the first shin-dig?

Check it out.

After years of gathering dust, the latest Fan Club volunteer, Danny, has cleaned up shop and put in a fully-functional Java lounge for your enjoyment.

Post a comment here especially if you're interested in setting a date and time for people to convene.

7 thoughts on “Chat Room is Open

  1. Kevin says:


  2. Davin Felth says:

    Hello every one.Hello anyone.:)

  3. Neil says:

    site is realy good
    do meny people hang out here as they do on TDH forums?
    Just completed my Boba Costume



  4. baba says:


  5. Danny says:

    Okay, I will be hosting the first session of Boba Fett chat. The date will be Saturday, 12:00 PM EST (GMT -5). Free topic.

    Anyone who wants to post this on the forums, go ahead, I am unable to get a username on there. Lol.

    If anyone else wants to host it, contact me so I can make you a moderator of the room.

  6. Robert says:

    boba fett is cool. nuff' said..........................................................................................

  7. Ross says:

    I havent been to the site lately but the problem i had was when in 2002 the site mainly featured boba's father jango and not boba! I was so angry that I hit my computer and broke my modem.

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