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Celebration VI: “As You Wish” Helmet Project, Let the Bidding Begin

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Starting August 23, Fett fans with deep pockets and creative sights can jump over to Ebay to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Twenty one-of-a-kind helmets will be up for grabs, and will be shown to the ticketed public at Celebration VI.

The Dented Helmet and the 501st Legion worked together to make the effort come together, which features 40 custom Fett- and Trooper-inspired helmets in all.

One is made by designer-turned-director Joe Johnston, creator of the original Boba Fett helmet. Another was made by Sandy Dhuyvetter, the artist who painted three of the costumes for Empire and the helmet used in Jedi, and who has now made four helmets. Most were made over the course of ten months, except the Sideshow Collectibles piece which was made in just two.

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Twenty Boba Fett helmets

  • “2012 Helmet” by Weta Workshop
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Are you now, or have you ever been?” by ACME Design, Inc.
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Boba Fetish” by Tom Woodruff Jr / ADI
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Boba Recall” by Tom Spina Designs
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Bobby Fett” by Russell Walks
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Cylon Fett” by ANOVOS Productions
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Dovah Fett” by Volpin Props
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Epimetheus Fett” by Jon Wollack
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Fett’s Dad” by Joe Johnston
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “For the Love of Holiday Specials” by Rich Dellinger
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Game of Clones” by Sideshow Collectibles
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Iron Fett” by Alex Alva
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Mandalorian 300″ by Max Cervantes
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Momma Fett” by Sandy Dhuyvetter
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Musha-Boba” by Kotobukiya
    Photos (Facebook) 2

  • “Mythosaur Hunter” by Mars Visions
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Retro Robot” by Chris Trevas
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “Spirit Hunter” by John Brosio
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “The East Platform” by Arturo Delgado
    Photos (Facebook)

  • “The Scavenger” by Legacy Effects
    Photos (Facebook) Making-of video

Check out the Facebook Page for all angles of photos of the work.

If you’ll be attending Celebration VI, you can see all of these in person.

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