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Boba Hoodie from Marc Ecko

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ecko-fett_2007-hires.jpgFashion designer Marc Ecko, behind "the world-famous Rhino brand," announced a series of officially-licensed Star Wars limited edition apparel, which includes a premium "Fett for Real" hooded sweatshirt.

At $98, this may be the highest echelon of Fett fashion, compared to the other items, but some fans at are all over it and already saved up.

From the press release (July 2, 2007):

"It is no secret that I am a fanboy of all things Star Wars and of George Lucas," Marc Ecko said. "So when the opportunity to create this collection arose, I jumped on it like Boba on his bounty. Our mission was to dig into Lucasfilm's archives and emerge with a line that takes its cues from popular culture and adds the rich visual language that made Star Wars the most relevant fable of the last 100 years."

From the interview with Marc Ecko (July 3, 2007):

Ecko wouldn't be a true fan unless he contemplated once and awhile which characters mirror his own personality and fashion sense. "Philosophically, I identify with Yoda," Ecko says. "He's fair. He plays it cards up. He is unsuspecting. For him if it is right, and it makes sense, then it should be. Aesthetically, I identify most with Boba Fett. He puts Al Capone's swagger to shame."

From /Film, a blog which I enjoy, which sometimes name-drops the Fett man:

I am so buying the Boba Fett inspired hoodie.

ecko-fett-sweatshirt_2007-hires.jpgIn addition to the hooded sweatshirt, a Boba Fett sequened T-shirt is also in the series. Price is yet to be announced.

The press release links to Marc Ecko Enterprises, but there's no additional information available there at the time of publication.

Special thanks to Marc Ecko Enterprises' Director of Corporate Communications for providing hi-res imagery to us. Thanks to Sadriel_Fett for spotting the first coverage of this on and posting it to our hoppin', quality-over-quantity message boards.

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