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Jeremy Bulloch


NEW! 30 years since 'Empire Strikes Back' but it's not old for Boba Fett actor The Canadian Press 2010
NEW! He's not a bit like Boba: British actor talks about role and how he got it Canwest News Service 2010
Video Interview with Jeremy Bulloch and Maria De Aragon (Greedo)
FlickMojo 2009
Interview with a Bounty Hunter Autograph Magazine 2009
Boba Fett says Star Wars' appeal is a fairy tale in space Coventry Telegraph 2008
Star Wars: Boba Fett Washington Post 2005
Boba Fett in Kansas City: An Interview with Jeremy Bulloch 2005
The Lightsabre Interview 2005
"Straight Shooting" with Jeremy Bulloch 2004
Interview with Jeremy Bulloch BBC 2004
Jeremy Bulloch Interview 2001
An Interview with Jeremy Bulloch 2001
The Man in the Plastic Mask
Asking about Jeremy's rumored return in Star Wars: Episode II.
New Zealand Herald 2000
Jeremy Bulloch Interviewed New Zealand Dr. Who Fan Club 2000
Jeremy Bulloch
RealAudio clip. 2000
Star Wars: The original cast looks back CNN 1999
Jeremy Bulloch
Twelve minute RealAudio clip.
DecipherCon '99 1999
Boba Unfettered The 11th Hour 1999
Confessions of a Bounty Hunter 1998

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