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Multimedia /

Add-ons / Plug-ins for Video Games

Game Download/Link Author Added
X-Wing Alliance Add-on: Slave I (Firespray Attack Ship) (EXE, 3.2mb) 2015-03-13
X-Wing Alliance Add-on: Slave II (Pursuer Enforcement Ship) (EXE, 3.3mb) 2015-03-13
Garry's Mod Skin: Boba Fett MisterSweetRoll 2013-09-14
Garry's Mod Map: Sarlacc Pit Lord Trilobite 2013-09-14
Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight: Academy Skin: Jango Fett (ZIP, 600kb) Psycho_IV_MMDJ 2011-08-22
Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight: Academy Skin: Jodo Kast (ZIP, 1.2mb) pure_extreme 2011-08-22
The Sims Skin: Boba Fett (ZIP, 85kb)
DarkJared (illustration), Chris Anderson (cape and head mesh) 2011-08-22
Half Life Skin: Boba Fett (ZIP, 209kb) -=Busy Child=- 2011-08-22
DOOM 2 Mod: Boba Fett replaces Chaingun Sarge (ZIP, 135kb) Wayne Poe 2011-08-22
Diablo Program: Trainer (EXE, 1mb)
Note: This is an older version (v. 1.08) with relevant imagery; the newest trainer has nothing to do with Boba Fett.
The Great BoBaFeTT 2011-08-22
Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Mod: Mandalorian Armored Combat (EXE, 900kb)
Note: "Mandalorian Armored Combat allows you to play as a Mandalor warrior. You will have many of the Mandalor armor features: wrist bolts, jetpack, rocket launcher, grapple sphere, atmosphere unit, self destruct, laser scope, chaff, personal force field, sonic disruptor, heat seeker and Cheshire mode."
EAH_CL0wN 2011-08-22