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Custom Fett Action Figures


Here's Mandalorian warrior Jango Fett and his girlfriend. I call her the "WoMandalorian." Mandalorian women are tough, too. In this sequence of photos, Jango and the female warrior prepare for a mission ...

1024x768 wallpaper:

The WoMandalorian began as a CY Girl named A.J. Mcleod. You can buy her at www.cytoys.com. I improvised and customized the rest of her Mandalorian battle gear. Her breastplate is the clear plastic "form" for a CY Girl costume, which I trimmed and painted. Her thigh armor is made from 35 mm film cannisters. Her gauntlets and greaves are adapted from a G.I. Joe "Cobra Moray." The crowning touch, her helmet, is a modified Pop-Topper candy dispenser.

Thanks to the artist, Bryan Crawson, for permission to share this custom here. For this and other customs, please visit his web site.