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Boba Fett Fan Music (MP3)

27 Fett tracks and counting. Newest addition: Apr 05, 2015

Hosted Music

Artist Track Genre Duration
Bometheus I Wish That I Was Boba Fett   MP3   External Link
? 1:30
Too Hip For the Room Ballad Of Boba Fett   MP3  
Folk 2:35
Channel 59 Skabba Fett   MP3  
Ska 2:57
Danger Bob Slow Dance with Boba Fett   MP3  
Rock 1:27
The Great Luke Ski Bad, Bad Boba Fett   MP3  
Parody of "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce
Ska 3:17
Mark Jonathan Davis The Phantom Medley   MP3  
Lounge 2:39
Mark Jonathan Davis The Star Wars Cantina   MP3  
Lounge 3:05
MC Chris Fett's Vette   MP3   External Link
Rap 2:35
Mister Stick Boba Fett   MP3  
Rock 1:05
Need New Body Boba Fett   MP3  
Jazz 4:24
Renko Boba Fett   MP3  
Rock 2:09
Ricky B. Boba Fett   MP3  
Rock 3:37
Ricky B. Boba Fett (Remix)   MP3  
Rock 3:41
Rocket Romano I Am Boba Fett   MP3   External Link
Punk Rock 1:54
Star Wars Breakbeats Boba Fett Breakbeats   MP3  
DJ 4:53
Stillshot Boba Fett   MP3  
Ska 4:17
Synetik Bounty Hunter Chase   MP3  
? 5:23
? Everybody's Free - Yoda Variation   MP3  
Parody of "Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrman
? 2:35

Music Hosted Elsewhere

Tracks listed below may go offline at any time without our control.

Artist Track Genre Duration
The Yavin 4 Boba Fett   External Link
Rock 2:59
OatPoets Boba Fett City   External Link

Comic Rock 3:26
Rich Cerbini Boba Fett   External Link
Rock 3:07
Spalland Just to Boba Fett (The Bounty Hunter)   External Link
Hip-Hop 1:26
cadav grim Star Wars Dubstep ... Boba Fett   External Link
Dubstep 3:37
BFATA The Booty Hunter - Boba Fett and the Americans   External Link
Hiphop 3:12
AGGROZILLA Boba Fett's Reprise   External Link
Electronica 2:44
Mickie Manfredie Boba Fett Song   External Link
"We do it for Boba."
Rap 3:47
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