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Boba Fett Caption Contest #19

37 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 This party is over Aimlessbear 09/25/2013
1 oh yeah,what you gonna do now mandalore the ultimate12 09/06/2013
1 Does it come in green too? Ricky Montero of Lima, Peru 01/04/2010
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett now comes with a double order of pure awesomeness. Get yours today. brandon 01/01/2010
1 *hears Boba Fett sing* I'M TOO SEXY FOR MY 'SABERS TOO SEXY FOR MY SABERS TOO SEXY YEAHHHH!! *watches Boba wiggle his hips in sync with the music....* Amber J 12/24/2009
1 I am the icon for the 'Republic Of
Alsace-Lorraine'; France and Germany
had better not mess with me! I will strike down the Frenchman on my left
and the German on my right!
Roman Alsace-Lorraine of Newcastle, Australia 12/17/2009
1 Red for the right hand, blue for the left hand. Or was it the other way around?? bats of south west rocks 12/12/2009
1 There's no need to run guys--I just wanted to show you my new FX lightsabers! DarthTaiter79 of Pana, IL 12/09/2009
2Editor's Pick By the power of Grayskull ... er ... Jedi ... Sith? I am Boba Fett! DarthTaiter79 of Pana, IL 12/09/2009
1 You've just entered...the Twilight zone *Twilight Zone Theme* MandoGirl0415 of 12/06/2009
1 "You take the blue lightsaber, the story ends, you wake up dead and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red lightsaber, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." Ewokface 12/03/2009
1 Ya'll bout to get pwned by da FETT MAN! Thunder of Santa Barbara, California 12/03/2009
2Editor's Pick Yeah, that's right... I killed Darth Vader AND Luke Skywalker. Now I have unlimited power! Ariana 12/02/2009
1 This year i get to carve the ewok! Barry Gordon of clarksville,TN 12/02/2009
1 look at this new trick I learned thomas wolfe of cheyenne 11/23/2009
2Editor's Pick Bounty hunting having taken a turn for the worse, our hero is forced to accept a job guiding in aircraft at the Endor International Airport. Jonny of Davis 11/12/2009
1 All work and no play makes Boba a dull boy!! Caeb02 of Temuco, Chile 11/11/2009
2Editor's Pick If only this blue saber were green, then I could direct traffic. My lifelong dream! April 11/11/2009
2Editor's Pick Darn you, Seth Green! Sarah 11/07/2009
1 um... I have no idea how I got these...... DIE EWOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARC Fett 10/24/2009
2Editor's Pick I'm so confused. Sarah 10/24/2009
1 HA!!! you all thought Darth Vader Luke Skywalker ,,were the holders of this Laser Swords Boba Fett is the Man bats of South West Rocks 10/23/2009
1 Look at me now Jedi!! Take that ... Eat your heart out Jedi!! I can do this double time! Sharra Fett of Durham, NC 10/19/2009
1 Don't know where THESE came from, but I guess you'll never see the light of day, my little Ewok friends! Sarah 10/19/2009
1 "I'm here to kick ass and take names! In fact, forget the names!" Fish Eye of Tucson, Az 10/16/2009
1 I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. And not just the men... but the women, and the children too. They're like animals! And I slaughtered them like animals! I hate ewoks! Sam of Seattle 10/15/2009
1 Oh, damn! I didn't know I was a Jedi..... or a Sith.....? Sarah 10/14/2009
1 Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Boba! Fett_II of Awesome Land 10/13/2009
2Editor's Pick I'm no Mandalorian... I'm a Sithalorian and proud of it!! Nick 10/12/2009
2Editor's Pick Lightsabers... Ewok village... THIS MUST BE A NIGHTMARE!!! Sarah 10/11/2009
1 Say hello to my little friends! Sarah 10/11/2009
1 Back from the DEAD!!! Also guess what? Boba got him self a Lightsaber make that two! Sebastian 10/11/2009
1 Wait a second...... where did THESE come from?! Sarah 10/11/2009
2Editor's Pick Wha?? Where'd these lightsabers come from!? Sarah 10/11/2009
2Editor's Pick PURPLE RAGE!!!!! Sarah 10/10/2009
1 "Yeah you know this is the most awesomist thing I've ever done." Cecilia 10/10/2009