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He's no good to us dead (in the new canon)

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Mark, a long-time Boba Fett fan, was working as an animator at Lucasfilm on the Star Wars Special Edition (1997). When it was decided that Boba Fett should make a cameo in the film, he was lucky enough to be tested to wear the actual costume and got the role. His shots appear in the film in the Docking Bay 94 scene. He's currently still an artist in the film industry, now doing pre-viz.

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You can reach Mark on Twitter at @BobaFettANHSE.

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BFFC interviewed Mark Austin at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015

Where in the world is Boba Fett? The actors who have played him and the costumes he has worn have been tracked in all of the following countries going back (in some cases) to 1995: