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Kenner Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett "Large Size" (12") Action Figure

Watch on YouTube.com

  • Voiceover: "It's the new Boba Fett Star Wars large size action figure from Kenner. Darth Vader sold separately." Kid (as Darth Vader): "Capture them alive."
  • Kid (as Boba Fett): "I'm the best bounty hunter in the whole galaxy."
  • Kid (as Darth Vader): "That's why you got the job."
  • Voiceover: "Boba Fett has a see-through helmet with a play rangefinder to locate your objective. You can move his legs, knees, arms, even wrists and elbows. His backpack unit is removable. " Kid (as Darth Vader): "You have your mission. Good luck." Kid (as Boba Fett): "I don't need luck. I'm the best." Voiceover: "New Boba Fett Star Wars large size action figure. Darth Vader sold separately."

Kenner Empire Strikes Back Slave I (9/22/1981)

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  • Kid #1: "Prepare to receive cargo."
  • Voiceover: "Kenner Slave I comes with frozen Han Solo."
  • Kid #2: "Is Han Solo completely frozen, Stormtrooper?"
  • Kid #1: "Yes, Boba Fett."
  • Voiceover: "Action figures each sold separately."
  • Voiceover: "Place the prisoner in the detention unit."
  • Voiceover: "Slave I has a rear loading ramp."
  • Kid (?): "Prepare for take-off."
  • Kid (?): "Check."
  • Voiceover: "Movable canons and gravity-operated wings that trigger-lock."
  • Kid (?): "Off to Jabba!"
  • Voiceover: "Slave I with frozen Han Solo, from Kenner Star Wars Empire Strikes Back collection."

Kenner Return of the Jedi Collection Action Figures

Watch on YouTube.com

  • Features: Slave I from Empire


Attack of the Clones Jango Fett spot

  • Title: "High Impact Armor"
  • Title: "Short Range Blasters"
  • Title: "Missile Equipped Jetpack"
  • Title: "Profession:"
  • Title: "Bounty Hunter"

Don't Make Fun of Boba Fett Promotion for Spike TV's airings of the Star Wars Saga.

Video Games

LucasArts Bounty Hunter Game

Watch Clip on YouTube.com, Watch Trailer on YouTube.com

  • Jango Fett: "Did you miss me?"
  • Titles: "There's no place to hide."
  • Voiceover: "You're Jango Fett, the most ruthless bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen. Star Wars Bounty Hunter. Rated T for Teen."

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