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'''LucasArts Developer of Bounty Hunter, Shadows of the Empire'''
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[[Behind the Mask]]: '''LucasArts Developer of Bounty Hunter, Shadows of the Empire'''
'''Most Enduring'''
'''Most Enduring'''

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Behind the Mask: LucasArts Developer of Bounty Hunter, Shadows of the Empire

Most Enduring

"Although he had such a short life in the movies, Boba Fett is one of the most enduring Star Wars characters. He's mysterious; he has all these neat weapons--why'd he have to die so quickly? It just wasn't fair!"

SOURCE: Secrets of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire re: involvement in Shadows video game

Blue-Collar Spin for Fanboys

"From the beginning, we thought of Jango as a "blue-collar" galactic badass. He's the guy that does the dirty work and makes his living the hard way. He's not necessarily evil, but he's not a "nice" guy either. He's a mercenary who hunts people for money, dead or alive. This is not a heroic trait, but as our protagonist, he must serve the role of hero. Every hero (or anti-hero) needs a difficult quest to test his mettle, so we came up with one for him. We also wanted to show Jango more or less "slumming" at the start, just getting by from job to job, like it's a hard living out there for a bounty hunter, even for the best. The "BIG JOB" has still eluded him.

"Lucas Licensing gave us great degree of freedom in further developing Jango's character and backstory. Early on, I submitted a list of 10 yes-or-no questions to Lucas Licensing, which only George Lucas himself could answer -- and he did. One of the early ideas had Jango on a revenge quest. The word from George Lucas was that Jango shouldn't be driven by revenge, but rather purely by money. A mercenary doesn't need revenge to motivate him. Taking that advice, I went with the story idea that Jango goes after the ultimate bounty, a crazed rogue ex-Jedi.

"I was also very interested in taking many of Boba Fett's now-defunct legends (the origin of the Slave I , history of the Mandalorians -- all that fan-boy stuff) and re-invent them for Jango Fett's own backstory. Lucas Licensing was very agreeable to this approach. What we came up with for the game has and been folded into Star Wars expanded universe canon, and is seen now in comics, novels, and so on."

Source: Gamespy Interview


"Jango Fett is my personal favorite. He's an interesting guy. Even though he was a villain in Episode II, he's not necessarily evil. He's a mercenary. He'll work for whoever pays. It just so happens that the bad guys usually pay more. This makes him morally ambiguous, more of an anti-hero than the always do-right Jedi. He doesn't talk much (the coolest tough guys never do), but he's got things on his mind. Why would Jango want the first clone for himself? Why does he want a son? Where did he come from? What the heck is a Mandalore Warrior? What kind of mission might make the fearless Jango Fett think twice about undertaking? This is all interesting stuff."

Source: Nintendojo Interview

Jango vs. Mace

"Well, in the original cut of Episode II, the fight between Jango and Mace Windu lasted a bit longer. But in the interests of keeping the movie going, it was reduced considerably. I think Jango got short-changed in the movie. But Jedi are indeed a formidable opponent, and Mace Windu is one of the most powerful Jedi, so it seems appropriate that Mace would come out on top. But as you saw in the film, Jango, with all his gadgets and quick reflexes, could more than hold his own against Obi-Wan Kenobi, who's no slouch either."

Source: Nintendojo Interview

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