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Artist - Boba Fett's Designer

Art director / visual effects creator on The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. He is now a major director. His most recent project was Hidalgo. He also directs ads for ILM's commercial department.

Super Troopers "I designed the final version of Boba Fett. Ralph and I both worked together on preliminary designs, and we traded ideas back and forth. Originally, Boba Fett was part of a force we called Super Troopers, and they were these really high-tech fighting units, and they all looked alike. That eventually evolved into a single bounty hunter. I painted Boba’s outfit and tried to make it look like it was made of different pieces of armor. It was a symmetrical design, but I painted it in such a way that it looked like he had scavenged parts and had done some personalizing of his costume; he had little trophies hanging from his belt, and he had little braids of hair, almost like a collection of scalps." Source: Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays (p. 184-185)

Selected Filmography

  • "The Wolfman" (2010) director
  • "The Iron Giant" designer
  • Jumanji
  • October Sky
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  • The Rocketeer (1991)
  • "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) designer

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