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* "Watching prey squirm gives me the feeling of absolute power." - Tatooine Manhunt
* "Watching prey squirm gives me the feeling of absolute power." - Tatooine Manhunt
Information above was researched and written by Eulogerk and other BFFC volunteers.
Information above was researched and written by Eulogerk and other BFFC volunteers.

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  • Occupation: Bounty Hunter
  • Loyalty: To himself (occasionally works for the Empire)
  • Height: 1.8 Meters
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair Color: Blondish Brown
  • Age: Unknown, assumed to be 18-22

Jodo Kast found his armor on that planet from Republic #67 (the one with the pile of Mandolorian bodies)



Equipment: EE-3 Blastech Sawed-off Blaster Rifle, Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian Armor: IR sensors, syntherope, various types of rocket darts, powerful wrist laser, permanently set to kill, extremely hot, blue flamed wrist flamethrower, adjustable jetpack topped with a special magnetic grappler, and excellent protection against long distance laser blasts with chest, knee, and wrist plates, as well as the helmet. The Mandalorian uniform's jumpsuit is light grey, the chest plates are green, the face mask and armlets are orange, and the knee pads and shoulder pads are dark yellow. (This is the Twin Engines of Destruction armor.)

Shuttle: "The Wolf" is a modified Imperial Shuttle, presumably stolen or given as a reward for a hunt. Modified professionally by Mandal Motors, the top "sail" became a giant laser cannon and various guns and weapons were attached to make Kast's job easier. The Imperial insignia on the sides of the top wing were changed into Kast's own symbol.


Background: Kast is a young, ambitious hunter who has patterned his short career after that of the notorious Boba Fett. Where he acquired his armor is unknown, but Kast is driven to make a name for himself.

Personality: He is cold, calculating, and extremely dangerous, as well as a bit cocky. Of all his weapons, Kast enjoys his darts most of all. Each is coated with a different poison-some only paralyze or stun, others kill.


Heeding an Imperial call, Kast showed up on an anonymous Super Star Destroyer. Considering his reputation, the Imperials were thrilled to get someone like him. An Imperial officer put Jodo Kast in charge of a group of Bounty Hunters who were going to Tatooine in attempt to capture the Rebel Hero, Adar Tallon. Kast barely spoke through the ordeal. He managed to survive this bounty, despite the fact that the prototype IG droid, IG-72 was destroyed.

After and before this event, Kast took several bounties, occasionally in the name of Boba Fett. Fett was credited, and discredited with what Kast had done over the years. This had always bothered Fett, but there seemed to be nothing he could do about it.

On one mission, the esteemed Grand Admiral Thrawn disguised himself as Jodo Kast. This was for a mission for Darth Vader to shut down the operations of the Black Sun on Correlia. Early in the mission, Thrawn ran into a group of renegade mercenaries, the mercenaries fighting with the odds on their side. Thrawn sat in a chair, legs crossed, and watched the fight. One of the mercs went for his blaster, and Thrawn said, quietly, "Well?". The merc put his blaster away. He wouldn't dare do something cheap in a fight when a hunter as respectable as Kast was watching.

Later, on the planet Fluwhaka, Jodo Kast was taking a Rebel bounty, on a bat-like sentient being called Nosstrick. Kast fired a dart filled with Frinka venom into Nosstrick. The venom paralyzed the creature. Kast slipped in a hole, however, as Dengar arived. When Kast got out of the hole with his jetpack, he put a blaster to Dengar's head, telling him to get away from Nosstrick. Dengar realised that this wasn't Fett. Fett wouldn't break the Bounty Hunter's Creed.

Dengar wasn't too partial to anyone holding a blaster to his head. He alerted "Sarlaac Food" that he had spotted Kast again. Fett wanted to get his imposter. Fett went to a bounty hunters guild posing as a man by the name of Madak, and hired Kast for a bounty on Nal Hutta. Fett and Dengar took a few days to set up a trap for Kast.

Jodo Kast arrived on Nal Hutta in his modified Imperial Shuttle, with the symbol below on it's wing. He managed to survive the traps, and get past the parasites which Dengar had planted. But then, in a final bout with Boba Fett, Kast was killed, via a dart to his neck, and an exploding jetpack...


This is the best known item starring Jodo Kast. Most of the versions of his armor are based around the two main differences in this between his and Fett's: The visor and gauntlets are orange instead of Fett's green and red, and the jumpsuit is a shade of grey instead of blue. The real main difference is the Mandalorian identification symbols on their chests, both of which overlap each other on this cover. We aren't quite sure what this means yet, but I'm sure that we will find out in future books, comics, and even movies. This comic book is very rare, and originally the pages were in several Star Wars magazines as a mini series. The events of this comic are posted above.


This was the first appearence of Jodo Kast. Thanks, West End Games. In this, Jodo Kast, along with a small band of Bounty Hunters, take an Imperial assignment to capture the Rebel Hero, Adar Tallon on the desert planet of Tatooine. You may think that these characters on the cover are 4-LOM, Bossk, Boba Fett, IG-88, and Zuckuss, but in this role playing game, the protocal droid didn't exist, and the rest were: Jungen, the Trandoshan; Jodo Kast, the Mandalore; IG-72, the IG droid; and Vytor Shryke, the Gand.

IG-72 was also in Tales of the Bounty Hunters---the only IG droid that survived. Unfortunately, he kamikazed himself in Tatooine Manhunt.


This is the cover of Tales from the Empire. This picture is based a short novel by Timothy Zahn and Micheal A. Stackpole in which Grand Admiral Thrawn impersonates Jodo Kast. It seems to be based losely around Twin Engines of Destruction, note the grey jumpsuit, and the face mask a bit lighter than Fett's. In Tatooine Manhunt, Jodo Kast was just an inversed Fett-everything was backwards, the cape, gauntlets, antenna, wookie scalps.


The Jodo Kast CCG card's picture. The armor is a bit off. The mask should be orange, not yellow... The symbol's wrong... The armor is blue instead a green.


  • "I love this." - Masters of Teras Kasi
  • "I'm the best." - Masters of Teras Kasi
  • "I'm better than the rest." - Masters of Teras Kasi
  • "I don't trust anyone. Keeps me alive." - Twin Engines of Destruction
  • "I don't like taking Rebel bounties... but a hunt's a hunt." - Twin Engines of Destruction
  • "You'll live. Only the best die." - Tatooine Manhunt
  • "Watching prey squirm gives me the feeling of absolute power." - Tatooine Manhunt

Information above was researched and written by Eulogerk and other BFFC volunteers.

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