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Actor - The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

Birthdate: February 16, 1945

Jeremy Bulloch portrayed the original Boba Fett. He also had a cameo as Lieutenant Sheckil, the Imperial Officer in Empire who uses Princess Leia. He also had a cameo in Revenge of the Sith as Captain Colton, an Alderaanian Pilot on Tantive IV.


"The first time I ever saw the costume, it wasn't Boba Fett. It was completely white. He was going to be a 'super stormtrooper.' [Assistant Film Editor] Duwayne Dunham modelled it so we could all have a look at it, but the suit didn't quite fit. At that point I'd never managed to give [my half-brother] Jeremy a job on film. So I rang him up and said 'If the suit fits, the part's yours.' He came in and it fit." -- Robert Watts, Associate Producer, as quoted in Star Wars Insider #101 (May/June 2008)


"I got into the costume and I put the helmet on. There were lots of little gadgets and knee pads and the boots had two little jets on the toes. I thought, 'This looks rather good!' There was a jet pack, too. I found what I thought was my hair so I put it on underneath the helmet, hanging down. When I came out to show George Lucas, he said, 'What's that funny thing sticking out of your helmet?' I said, 'Isn't it the character's hair?' 'No,' said George, 'it's a Wookiee scalp -- it's supposed to be tied to your belt!'" -- Jeremy Bulloch, as quoted in Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine #21 (Winter 1994)

"The character was explained [by Lucas] a great deal: what sort of person he was, deadly but very methodical in movement and fast, even though you never saw him move quickly." -- Jeremy Bulloch, as quoted in Star Wars Insider #30 (1996)

"Occasionally, I would make a movement, but a little one, because the less you do, the stronger the character is. So I would just stand with my hip one way, and I'd cradle the gun a certain way. He's aware that something could happen any time, so he's quick with the gun. It's ready cocked. He knows exactly what's going on behind him. He may be moving slowly, but he's deadly when it comes to that sudden movement... I thought of Boba Fett as Clint Eastwood in a suit of armor." -- Jeremy Bulloch, as quoted in Star Wars Insider #49 (May/June 2000)

"They went back to America to do a lot of the sound stuff. I'm not going to stand and say 'Why didn't you use my voice?' If I used my voice as it is now, it wouldn't be right. They used a voice similar to the one I tried to do. As I see it, the character has his mask and his mystery. It doesn't matter who does the voice." -- Jeremy Bulloch, as quoted in Starlog #50 (Sept 1981)

"One day I was sitting around in the Boba Fett outfit, and I was asked if I would mind playing this Imperial officer, because there was nobody to play the part. I went into wardrobe, got dressed in an Imperial Officer's uniform, and played this part who now has a name in the Decipher card game, Lieutenant Sheckil. It was in the scene in Cloud City where Princess Leia says 'Luke, it's a trap' -- I drag her away. Moments earlier, you see me as Boba Fett shooting at Mark Hamill." -- Jeremy Bulloch, as quoted in Star Wars Insider #49 (May/June 2000)


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