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Correllian smuggler

Of all the adversaries and bounties that Boba has had in his long and illustrious career, none have been more of a challenge and thorn in his side than Han Solo.

No one knows how this rivalship began but it would last for several years leading up during the time of the Galactic Civil War, between the Imperials and the Rebel Alliance, to Boba gaining the body of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. It wasn't until later with the help of Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise that Han would be freed from his carbonite hibernation. However, Leia and Han were captured by Jabba's henchman before they could escape and Solo was imprisoned with his Wookie pal Chewbacca. Thanks to the arrival of Luke Skywalker and his infuriating Jabba by slaughtering his pet Rancor, Han would get the chance to settle his score with Fett. An intense battle later on in the Tatooine desert gave Han the opportunity to strike Boba's jetpack and cause it to malfunction, sending him into the belly of the deadly Sarlacc. With this grisly incident, it seemed like the rivalship between the Correllian and the bounty hunter would finally end but instead, it was temporarily post-poned.

After a long a torturious battle inside the creatures belly, Boba was able to escape. Luckily, for Boba he was discovered by fellow bounty hunter, Dengar, and nursed back to health. Boba was able to take advantage of his "death" and go about the galaxy with a fresh new start. Eventually, he and Han would cross paths again, several times. However various interference would lead to Han's escaping capture. Ironically, after many years of these two having been a thorn in each others side, they would finally decide to part ways with one another, when they both realized that neither one could be kill the other. A truce was made and both men went their separate paths with Han continuing his work in rebuilding the Republic and Boba joining his daughter, Ailyn Vel and others in re-establishing the Mandalorians presence within the galaxy.

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