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Behind the Mask: Writer/Director/Producer - Creator of Boba Fett

Birthdate: May 14, 1944

Lucas' Origin for Boba Fett

Early scripts featured all-white Supertroopers, which eventually turned into Boba Fett in a second draft. The colorful costume was also used in time for the Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978.


Doesn't Quite Fit

Lucas reconsidered going back and glamorizing the death of bounty hunter Boba Fett, a secondary character who became a cult favorite. He considered "having Boba Fett survive and crawl out of the" mouth of the sand creature in Jedi. "But that doesn't quite fit in the end." -- USA Today, 9/04, interview with Mike Snider

That Extra Shot in where He Climbs Out

"In the case of Boba Fett's death, had I known he was gonna turn into such a popular character, I probably would've made it a little bit more exciting. Boba Fett was just another one of the minions, another one of the bounty hunters and badguys. But, he became such a favorite of everybody's that, for having such a small part, uh he had a very large presence. And now that his history has been told in the first trilogy, y'know, it makes it even more of a misstep that we wouldn't make more out of the event of his defeat, because most people don't believe he died anyway. I'd contemplated putting in that extra shot in where he climbs out of the hole, but y'know I figure that's . . . it doesn't quite fit, in the end." -- Return of the Jedi DVD Commentary, 33:01, 9/04

Boba Fett is Dead

"I don't know why. [Laughs]. I'm mystified by it. He's a mysterious character. He's a provocative character. He seems like an all powerful character, except he gets killed. Although he's gotten killed, the people who write the books, and everything, and the comics say 'we can't kill him, we gotta bring him back, we can't let him die!'" -- MTV re: Boba Fett's popularity

Boba Fett is Alive

In 2012 at Celebration VI was recorded without his knowledge at an exhibit of Boba Fett fan-made helmets. In that video and our news report, Lucas says Boba Fett did not die.

Remember to Tell Them

"Already developing the story for Episode II ("remember to tell them that Boba Fett is in it," he says), Lucas at this point tentatively plans to have that film finished by 2002." -- starwars.com


"When you're editing, you're dealing with the reality of the film. And cinematically, things are very different than the way you originally had them on page. Words and images are two different things because cinema really involves movement and sound and they're a lot of elements that you can't express on paper because you're dealing with two different mediums. It's not the same grammar. For example, on the barge there's a sequence where Boba Fett gets knocked over, and we didn't really have the right shot to make the sequence work, so I reversed one shot of Boba Fett falling down and made it look like he was getting up." -- Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays (p. 257)

Boba vs. Lando

Originally George Lucas envisioned a fight between Boba Fett and Lando but eventually suggested instead that the power pack on Boba's back should be hit and thrown around, as if he had "a balloon on his back that got air out of it." -- Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays (p. 259)

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