Fenn Shysa

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  • Name: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown, between 25-35
  • Eye Color: Green (?)
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Height: 1.7 Meters
  • Weapon(s) Of Choice: Mandalorian Armor and assorted weapons.
  • Vehicle(s) Of Choice: Unknown
  • First Appearance: Marvel Comics: Star Wars #68

After Boba Fett took the frozen Han Solo from Bespin, Princess Leia attempted to track Fett. At one point, she ran into a Mandalorian Warrior who she mistook for the illustrious bounty hunter. This warrior removed his helmet and revealed himself to Leia, claiming he went by the name of Fenn Shysa and served under Fett in the Clone Wars. Shysa became some what of a love interest for Leia, and aided her as well as the alliance in several battles.

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