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Actor - Return of the Jedi: Special Edition (Boba Fett, in Jabba's Palace flirting with the dancers)

The model engineer, Episode I R2-D2 operator, and also Lucasfilm archivist, Don suited up for the additions of Boba Fett mingling with two of Jabba's dancers.


"George literally decided that day to include Boba -- he said it was his 'gift to the fans.' George directed me in the scene. I was supposed to stroke the cheek of one of the palace dancers, but the lady had a lot of grease paint on, so I came up with just chucking her under her chin." -- Don Bies for the Star Wars: Boba Fett magazine


I had my hand up like that. In one shot, there's a tube there. In another shot, it's not there. It had fallen off between shots. We didn't bother replacing it." -- Don Bies at Star Wars Fan Days III Q&A (2009)

"There's another shot where I look over at the camera. ... They're actually saying very rude things to me. ... 'Nice missle you have.' George told us to look over here. And that's the shot in the film. It was all of five minutes. Pretty much everything we shot is in the film." -- Don Bies at Star Wars Fan Days III Q&A (2009)


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