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Correllian bounty hunter

Dengar, the heavily bandaged Correllian bounty hunter, is yet another person who holds a grudge against Han Solo. Back on his home planet of Correllia, Dengar was a renowned star in worlds swoop bike races. However, his rival in these games was Han Solo who was even more talented than he was. This competitive spirit led eventually to Dengar being a little too reckless and the result was his was badly damaged in a horrific swoop bike accident. Even though it was his fault that he crashed, Dengar still blamed Han Solo.

Perhaps it is their shared hatred for Han Solo that led Dengar and Boba to get along with one another. After Boba barely escaped his fate inside the wretched belly of the Sarlaac, it was Dengar and his fiance' that found the infamous bounty hunter half-naked and near death. Dengar nursed Boba back to health and later convinced Boba to partner with him in working on some bounty hunting assignments so that he could retire from the business to be with his lover.

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