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Basic Information

                                                                      ^= No longer in existence 

Beginning: Battle of Geonosis---22 BBY Ending: Mission to Mustafar---19 BBY Place: All of known galaxy

Outcome: Destruction of the Confederacy of Independent Systems The take over of the Trade Federation, Commerce Guild, Corporate Alliance, InterGalactic Banking Clan and Techno Union by the Galactic Empire Reformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire Jedi Purge

Major Battles: Battle of Geonosis Battle of Thule Battle of Muunilinst Battle of Jabiim Operation Durge's Lance Outer Rim Sieges Battle of Coruscant Battle of Boz Pity Battle for Utapau

Defense of Kashyyyk Siege of Saleucami Mission to Mustafar

Combatants: Allies

Galactic Republic Jedi Order^


The Order of the Sith Lords (Worked both sides of Conflict)


Confederacy of Independent Systems^ Dark Acolytes

Commanders: Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Republic High Command^ (Turned into Imperial High Command) Jedi High Council^

Darth Sidious Darth Tyranus^ General Grievous^ General Sev'rance Tann^ Separatist Council^ Master Sora Bulq^ Commander Asajj Ventress (MIA) Commander Durge^ Admiral Pors Tonith Commander Merai^ Alpha-Ø2

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