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This deadly female bounty hunter was once a Jedi hopeful, trained by the Dark Woman. However, her training ended before she was able to truly grow in Force and Aurra became a bitter bounty hunter with a penchant for tracking down and killing Jedi. She also had a reputation like that of General Grievous for collecting the lightsabers of the Jedi's she destroyed.

Boba encountered Aurra while searching for Count Dooku following the death of his father on Geonosis. On their first encounter on Coruscant, Boba mistaked the bounty hunters sudden entrance as that of someone arriving to help him. However, this would later turn out to not be what the young Fett expected when Aura revealed that she had been sent to collect a bounty on him. The two of them flew in Boba's ship, Slave I, to the toxic junkyard planet of Raxxus Prime where he discovered that it was Count Dooku, himself, who had sent Sing to capture him. Boba was displeased, to say the least when he learned that Aurra Sing's payment for the job was that of Slave I.

Boba would later meet Aurra Sing again and get back his ship when they went to collect the money that his father had saved for him on Aargau.


  • "Boba Fett - The Fight to Survive" by Terry Bisson

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