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Kevin Smith had a line mentioning Boba Fett in his film Clerks (1994). He also was featured as an actor with a Boba Fett cardboard cut out in the Die Hard sequel, Live Free or Die Hard (2007).

When asked by Rolling Stone (November 22, 2012, p. 17) regarding a "never-ending" series of Star Wars films after Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, he said: "My idea is Star Wars: Army of the Fett - an all-Boba Fett movie. I was nine years old when I came up with this. So Boba Fett gets out of the Sarlacc pit and gets some sort of time-travel technology and goes through the whole story again. He could kill Jar Jar before he ever meets Anakin. And you could send him back into uncomfortable moments. Like, when Luke and Leia kiss, he takes a picture! That’s how you bring down the rebellion. You just show Han Solo - “Ew, this dude kissed your lady, and it’s her brother.” And at the end, Boba Fett fights Darth Vader. See, this is why they don’t give me the franchise. They should get Jon Favreau."

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