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Behind the Mask

Duwayne Dunham, assistant film editor, wore the Boba Fett costume in a 1978 screentest with Ben Burtt


"Do you know that Boba Fett wore spurs? He was Clint Eastwood in outer space. [Sound Designer Ben Burtt] put spurs on him so that when he walks down the hallway, he goes 'ching, ching, ching...'" -- Duwayne Dunham, as quoted in a StarWars.com video interview (May 2007)

Little-known fact: Dunham avoided a bit of disaster earlier that day as a test of Fett's wrist-mounted flame-thrower (created by Industrial Light & Magic) went horribly wrong after a propane leak caused Dunham's arm to catch fire. (Source: CNET)

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