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Boba Fett Collectibles

Bounty is our exclusive database for all licensed Boba Fett collectibles. We currently have 1,667 items and counting.

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Boba Fett Droids (1985)

2 Records

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Kenner Droids Boba Fett Figure (1984)
Droids Boba Fett with Gold Coin Bounty ID #15 Kenner
Highly Rated by Visitors Highly Rated by Visitors
This figure was from the same production of Kenner's movie action figure line and therefore indistinguishable unpackaged...

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Droids Boba Fett Gold Coin (Front, 1984)
Boba Fett Gold Coin Bounty ID #16 KennerThis coin was included with the Droids Boba Fett carded figure, but is often found loose.

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