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Boba Fett Collectibles

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Super Empire Strikes Back

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Super Empire Strikes Back, box art
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Release Year 1993
Description On the front cover and in the game as a litl' 16-bit villain.

Walk-thru FAQ by Game FAQ / Yakuza:

BOSS 7: Jungle Monster

Description: A big, slimy, green, ugly, nasty smelling, swamp monster suddenly appears from nowhere. Oh, I wouldn't like to face that monster! Well, you have to fight in the game (thank goodness not in reality). And of course it appears
in the jungle. Notice!!! Right before you face the boss is the place where
the spells are located. Check walkthrough for further information. I hope
you gained the spell "Heal" cause it is handy at this boss.

Boba Fett

Description: Boba Fett is the bounty hunter that follows and caught Han Solo with the
empire. He is in fact easy to defeat, a few fists of that "walking
carpet"(Chewbacca) and he is near to cry. Another nice thing with Boba Fett
is when you defeat him, he will leave several big hearts. Sweet! I'm not
sure but maybe he likes you.... Well, when you see he is low on energy, let
him fly to the right side as long as possible, and then defeat him because
then you'll get more hearts.

Strategy: Boba Fett is pretty easy. A few methods to defeat him is to use your
blaster and/or using the spin attack. You don't know how to use the spin
attack? Well, just simply hold the A-button and you'll see Chewie spin

Tactics: Immediately when you see Boba coming in, shoot him with your blaster. Watch
out for his rapid Ions, oh they hurt!!! When he comes down, start
spinning(press A-button) and strike him. He will suffer great damage. Then,
either he freezes you or fly up again. If he fly up, you're lucky. Just
stand there and shoot some more missiles with your blaster(it's like
shooting flies in the air, don't you think?) and wait for your spin meter
to increase. When the dude comes down again, go for another round with that
spin attack. If Boba freezes ya, you have nothing to do, or more exactly,
you can't do anything. Wait for his attacks to end, and then attack him
with your methods. Advice: If Boba gets too far away when he lands, I
suggest you slide away from him to the other wing of the place, so you
don't see him, because then you avoid his dangerous attacks, they are
nothing to play with! Ok, I know you won't hit him then, but it's better to
run away, waiting for a good moment and then win the battle, than end up
like a french fry. Isn't it? Well, anyway, slide away if you're too far
away, because the attacks are dangerous. If you win the battle, Boba will
fly out and leave several big hearts. Pick them up and go for the next
Copyright JVC Musical (publisher), Sculptured (developer)
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