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Release Year 1998
Copyright LucasArts
Description In scenes in reference to Han Solo being caught by bounty hunters.

Walk-thru FAQ by Game FAQs / Philip Ryan Ott:

Han Solo

Bounty Hunter Event: According to LucasArts, every 1-100 days there is a 30% chance of a Bounty Hunter Encounter with Han. Generally the chances that the Bounty Hunters will kidnap him are extremely low. Out of all the games I've played I've had dozens of these Events and only once did they capture him. If the Bounty Hunters fail in their attempt, then all that happens is that the Empire is informed of Han's location. If they are successful then Han is taken to Jabba's Palace (you can't ever go there even if you own Tatooine, it's like Dagobah; you just can't go there yourself and rescue him). Luke, Leia, and Chewie (if not captured) will then finish whatever mission they may be working on and then will immediately try to rescue Han. They individually attempt the rescue; so if say Leia fails then only Leia will get captured by Jabba, not Luke or Chewie. If any one of them is successful, then Han is released, anyone else captured by Jabba in the rescue attempt is released, and any other rescue attempts will be aborted. If all three fail and are captured they and Han are then all sent to Vader (I don't know what happens if Vader is a prisoner of the Rebels at the time; I've only seen this Event once and the rescue attempt was successful). Keep in mind that the one time I saw this happen, Han was on a system completely loyal to the Rebellion, the Rebel HQ was stationed there, and there were many ground troops and a large fleet orbiting it, so apparently the presence of military units or high Rebel loyalty cannot protect him. The only way I can think of where you can actively do something to keep Han safe is to keep him on missions. I've never seen an encounter occur when Han was on a mission and I don't think it can.
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