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Release Year 1996
Copyright Daniel Keys Moran, Kevin J. Anderson
Description "The Last One Standing." The story of Boba Fett's life, from his beginnings as Journeyman Jaster Mareel, to his final (?) encounter with Han Solo. A very entertaining read.

Notable Quotes:

"One tale tells of Fett being a failed stormtrooper who killed his commanding officer. ... A third account tells of a Journeyman Protector from Concord Dawn named Jaster Mereel who adopted the mask and guise when he was convicted of treason."

"Everyone dies.

It’s the final and only lasting Justice. Evil exists; it is intelligence in the service of entropy. When the side of a mountain slides down to kill a village, it is not evil, for evil requires intent. Should a sentient being cause that landslide, there is evil; and requires Justice as a consequence, so that civilization can exist.

There is no greater good than Justice; and only if law serves Justice is it a good law. It is said correctly that law exists not for the Just but for the unjust, for the Just carry the law in their hearts, and do not need to call it from afar.

I bow to no one and I give service only for cause."
- Jaster Mereel (p. 277)

"Do you understand the seriousness of this, boy? You killed a man."
- Creel
"He had it coming."

- Jaster Mereel (p. 278)

"I am sorry.... sorry I didn't kill him a year ago. The galaxy's a better place without him."
- Jaster Mereel (p. 279)

"I'll enjoy collecting him."
- Boba Fett re: Han Solo (p. 293)

"Sex between those not married is immoral."
Boba Fett to: Leia (p. 295) "I can imagine an awful lot."
Boba Fett to: Leia (p. 296)
"That Jedi superstition? Gentlelady Organa, if the Force exists I have seen no proof of it, and I doubt it does."
Boba Fett to: Leia (p. 297)

"Those worlds rose in rebellion against the authority legally in place over them. The Emperor was within his rights to destroy them; they threatened the system of social justice that permits civilization to exist. I am sorry for the deaths of the innocent. But that happens in a war, Leia Organa. The innocent die in wars, and your side should not have started this one."
- Boba Fett re: the Rebellion, to: Leia (p. 297)

"I am nothing like Solo and don’t you compare me to him."
- Boba Fett (p. 297)

"Do you know what that man had done in his life? Never mind the loyal citizens of the Empire that he, and you, have killed during your Rebellion; war is war and perhaps you, at least, think you are fighting for Justice. But Solo? He’s a brave man, yes; he’s also a mercenary who’s never done a decent thing in his life…"
- Boba Fett re: Han Solo (p. 297)

"Spice is illegal! It's euphoric, it alters moods, and the use of it leads to the use of worse substances, and a man who will run spice will run anything!"
Boba Fett re: Solo, to: Leia (p. 298)

"Everyone dies... but since no one has paid me to kill you... sleep well"
Boba Fett to: Leia (p. 299)

"Devaronians are tough; I know that about you. You do not go into shock and you do not die easily. You'll walk--or I'll burn off your arms and your legs to make you lighter, and then I'll drag you where we are going...your choice"
Boba Fett to: Butcher of Montellian Serat (p. 313)

"Listen. I am Boba Fett. And you are Kadue'sai'Malloc, the Butcher of Montellian Serat, and you're worth five million credits. Alive. And nothing dead, so you will not annoy me into killing you."
Boba Fett to: Butcher of Montellian Serat (p. 314)
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