Topic: Resolved: Spam Posting On Boards

Hello all,

In the last few days, you may have seen browser warnings before or in lieu of visiting this site,

Moments ago, we've finished worked with Google Webmaster Tools to remove the problem and audit the security problem that led to malicious code being added to a 2009 post here on the boards. This included upgrading the message board application to the very latest version available.

The code was a BBCODE link to an image, which wasn't an image. The site hosting that file is also rightfully flagged as malicious. We're working to correct all of the problems, which also led to Facebook calling links to this site as malicious. No files hosted here on our servers were ever an issue, and this is a problem of association via user generated content only.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we solved this issue and work towards an even tighter ship moving forward,


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Re: Resolved: Spam Posting On Boards

Hi there Aaron! big_smile

How have you been?

Glad to see that you're keeping the site as clean and smooth-sailing as always!

You say links are causing problems with the site, I made a game-thread here forever ago, where people were actually invited to post outside links to pictures.

This is the link to that thread: … -pictures/

I never realized it could cause this kind of problems, but reading your post here, with the quantity of links up there, I'm thinking it could be part of the problem. And I hope killing it could be part of the solution! big_smile

I've missed you and the people here! I hope you're all well. Take care. xx

Cast iron and treadmills? Oh yes. Still sculpting me to what I really want to be, and I love it. :)