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There is a young boy in a San Diego area hospital undergoing treatment for Leukemia. I would like to get him a visit from his favorite character in the whole universe Boba Fett. Please help me make this happen. Contact me at

I am not sure if this is the right area for this. Let me know


Re: Hospital Visit

Hi Lenny, thanks for the post!

We list where the Boba Fett actors visit here, usually 2-6 weeks in advance:

You could also e-mail Jeremy Bulloch directly, listed on the top right of his official website:

Daniel Logan is based in southern California, whereas Jeremy is based out of the UK. Although we touch base with his agent more frequently over e-mail, Logan is big on Twitter:

Good luck!


Re: Hospital Visit

Thank you for the quick reply. We don't nessecarly need the original. I was hoping for someone who lives near San Diego, loves kids and enjoys the roll playing,