Topic: Choose Caption #10

Which one of the following should be our 10th caption?

Vote now. Vote once.





On a related note, the caption image #9 racked up over 100 results! Updated today.

Re: Choose Caption #10

i think A. its on a poster i have, from the star wars comic.

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Re: Choose Caption #10

definetely D, IS THE BEST!!!

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Re: Choose Caption #10

yeah, I like  A. the best.

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Re: Choose Caption #10

A for sure!
hmm things to say big_smile

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Re: Choose Caption #10

Yea, A

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Re: Choose Caption #10

I like D A is my second favorite.

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Re: Choose Caption #10

I like D. A is my 2nd fav.

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Re: Choose Caption #10

Well, seeing as how B only shows his waist, legs, and his empty helmet indicating he's helmetless..... I'd say B's my favorite. wink

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Re: Choose Caption #10

A it is. Thanks for the quick vote!

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