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YEP!! new Love now
Farewell BoyBlue [the MG
Hello !! Maphrodite!!!
He is a Silver Blue  Honda Civic Hybrid so Bats is in the future now very happy
with him dream to drive and the best thing is the Petrol savings,and looks a dream too
I'm was lucky to get him as there is a waiting list,I was there at the right time .

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Congratulations, bats!! Have fun!! big_smile big_smile

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Sliver  blue..hmmm..I wonder were I have seen that color combo smile
Congrats on the new purchase.

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congrads!!! Im happy forbats! big_smile dont run over any civilians. wink


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Re: Bats new Car

WTG Bats!  Civics are sweet!  (So is the savings on gas).
I just got a new Civic (standard tran, no hybrid). I totally love the ride.
Maphrodite, eh?
I named mine Happy. The old man hates that name, but this is my rig, so he has to suck it up!
Oh, and it's Galaxy Gray. How could I pass that up, right?
I learned I can get Mandalorian symbols to put all over it, like tatoos. Now there's something to think on.