Topic: Bats V"S her Boba Fett

I have a new Boba Fett  number 4he is about 5inches high ..but.. some how I just can't get
him stand the way I want,he is on a stand with Boba Fett on it ,and I just can't get him right
fidddle with it all the time and he just seems to go back to one position GRRRR!!!!,
it's WAR,,,,, the other ones pose Just right !!it seems to look a bit puffy to me

Re: Bats V"S her Boba Fett

I know...I feel your pain.
I purchased a Star Wars SAGA Han Solo and I have been battling with it trying to get him to fit on his stand where it does not look like he is always tipping over.
I know ..I know I should have left him in the package but I have this hangup about "freeing" my  figures from their packaging and playing with them.
Watch "Figure Club" and you will understand but that is a topic for another discussion.


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