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No Fett is evil, they are just mercs | Dei voluntas fiat
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Re: Is Fett evil?

Karson Fett wrote:

No Fett is evil, they are just mercs

boba fett is nowhere near evil. he's just trying to make a buck.

Re: Is Fett evil?

Boba_the_Fett wrote:

He's Neutral..... Boba does what he wants - when he wants.

Isn't that evil though? That cliched quote by Edmund Burke is not far off: "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Anyone committed to doing what they want when they want will foster evil in the long run, I think.

Boba helps Vader. This is why anarchy is a pipe dream. It always ends up giving in to tyranny.

The French Revolution leads to Napoleon.

A mercenary capitulates to The Man.

Rogues don't really exist in the long run. At some point, they must come into the orbit of some greater force: good or evil.

Han drifted towards good (Luke), and Boba Fett towards evil (Jabba).

Re: Is Fett evil?

Dont think fett is "evil". he does have more loyalty to jabba apparantly. But i even think, paid enough, he wouldve killed jabba himself. Money is the key to all

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Re: Is Fett evil?

Fett is not evil he is just an opportunist...

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Re: Is Fett evil?

That would about some it up for him.

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Re: Is Fett evil?

I don't think he's evil. He had a rough life, and he had to do whatever he could to survive-at first. Then, later on, he obviously looked back at everything and wished it had been different. I think if he were evil, he would not have tried to help Jaina defeat Caedus, he would not have tried to make sure Sintas had money, and he would not have tried to take care of Mirta. Those are things that an evil man just would not care about. The only real reason he did things for Jabba was to earn money and gain a name for himself. He also had a strong desire to prove himself for his father's sake, which we all know was a moot point.

Re: Is Fett evil?

Miba wrote:

He's not evil, he works for anyone who hires him (there is a comic where he works for the Rebels but I forget the name. Betrayal I think?), and I don't think he kills for the fun of it. I mean, compare Boba to Montross, you'll see a big difference.

i LOVE FETT and he is not evil

Re: Is Fett evil?

No, just cold and ruthless.  Brilliant attributes for his chosen profession.

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I don't believe he is evil in tha that evil implies some emotional involvement or passion for the harm you do. Boba Fett just does what he believes is necessary and it is harsh because his life had been harsh.

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Re: Is Fett evil?

Rayek wrote:

This is my first serious post here and, as I'm sure this topic has come up over and over on the previous board, I think it should be here.

Okay. What worries me is how the prequels try to make Boba Fett a sort of evil, malicious, self-serving individual. In part that's true, bounty hunters are highly self-serving, and their methods of killing and capturing their quarry are sometimes quite malicious ("No disintegarations..."), but I never imagined it possible that Boba Fett, the quiet, unknown bounty hunter from Star Wars to lower himself in screaming, "Get im, Dad!"

Aside from his mannerisms, it seems that the prequels completely wax over the fact that all Boba Fett wanted from Vader and Jabba was the money. If the Rebels had enough money and the mind to do so, I beleive he would've fought for them. I definitely don't think that Imperialistic ideals were ingrained in Fett as a young boy, so he hunts Solo for 'the greater good of the galaxy', he wants his cash.

Any thoughts on this? There's a different side of Fett that I haven't seen as of yet, the side where he works for the good guys just because they pay him.

I'm thinking the amazing Samurai movie Yojimbo, but with Fett, the Rebels, and the Imperials.

I have the feeling Jango (& later Boba) aren't 'bad guys'. They had to be 'bad' in dealing with that element of numerous bounties which were some really mean hombres!

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Re: Is Fett evil?

Boba Fett is not 'evil,' per-say. He is mean, and he is cold, but he adheres strictly to his moral code. Fett would never take a contract his honor did not agree with, no matter how many credits he was offered.

A great example of this was when he and Leia had a bit of a political argument in Tales of the Bounty Hunters. He argues that the Empire is the legal governing force in the galaxy, and that the Rebellion is in the wrong, because of this. Leia offers him a LOT of credits to switch sides, but Fett refuses, because it's against his code of ethics. The Empire may not be a force for good, but they WERE the legal government at the time.

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Re: Is Fett evil?

"Evil" NO!  Definitely not.

Really not even Darth Vader was 100% evil... Vader was almost 100% but not quite.  Emperor Palpatine I would say is pure evil. That should give you an idea of (close to pure) *evil* in Star Wars terms.

Boba Fett -- no where near evil.  Money is what he wants. He's worse than Han Solo when it comes to money. lol.

Opportunist is what describes Boba best I think.

Boba is also GOOD at what he does - failure is NOT an option for him (not if he can help it). He will NOT give up.

I do agree that Boba is cold and harsh but NOT evil.