Topic: Jared Padalecki is one of us

Don't know if any one here is a fan of the TV show Supernatural, but one of the stars (who portrays Sam Winchester) has revealed in a recent interview that he's a fan of the Fett-man. … red-212515

THR: If you were to attend in costume, what would it be?
Padalecki: Boba Fett. I’m in San Antonio sitting in my bedroom that I grew up in and I have four Boba Fetts in here (pictured). I have an irrational childhood love of Boba Fett. (Laughs.) Ever since I watched the movie, I always wanted to be a bounty hunter; it sounded so cool to me as a child. I always remember the scene where Han Solo is dying and I just got the sense that Boba Fett was just really cool. I always wanted to dress up as him. And he had that great rocket on his back. That must be it, I always loved the Rocketeer, too!

-BFFC Manji aka Jess