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Re: Does Xasha's involvement with Fett throw off the existing storyline?

Just read my copy. There were some cool moments and there were some WTF moments too. Le Spoilers:

The art was nice but hard to fallow at times. Especially when one second Eclipse is dead and then on the next page, TADA just kidding! Also Fett to removing his helmet for no reason on the same page was odd. I think they were going for shooting Starkiller while he was having a moment with his girl weighing on Boba's conscience, but it wasn't necessary for him to remove his helmet. I don't really care that much about unmasked Boba anymore but I will admit too much takes away from his mystique. It'd be like reading V for Vendetta with V removing his mask randomly through out. V is the mask and he portrays emotions just fine while wearing it. They didn't need to try and show how "sensitive" Boba was in that moment by making him remove the mask and show us; better art direction would have sufficed.     

But I digest. Xasha seemed reeeeaally; superfluous other than being the one who stole Fett's DNA. Also when they seemed to be implying Boba was thinking about her after his chat with Eclipse; all that just makes me feel like Xasha's nothing more than a bad plot device. 

Over all...meh.

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