Topic: ripple in my Universe

I did it !!! a new tiny Chihuahaua so far I've been calling him Rikk-Tikki not
popular with Family BUT I do like that Keelin ,,he is very different in colour
a Brindle almost to tiger Stripes might even end up as Tiger
The Anti-Christ is sort of warming to him as much as she would went for a walk and she
chased the dog away so there's hope
As for Siris ..been a bit of a Drama -Queen especially when the Pup had some of his food
but last night they were sort of play together
My friend in Russia sent a email on Youtube the cartoon about this Mongoose Rikki-Tikki-
pity I cant't understand Russian LOL
And I' open to any names and SO[snarlingorchid ]did like Keelin!!