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At long last they are doing Bat's favourite Comic Hero Mandrake,,he's was the
first Hero came out in 1934.
They are making the Movie and the Actors meet with Bats idea on what they should
look like
Mandrake Jonathan Rhys Meyers,the look and style od Mandrake
Lother    Djimon Honsow I looked him up has the build and the soft voice as this Gentle
Giant would have
Can't wait to see the Movie

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yeah! i love super hero movies big_smile ,, is it from Marvel?

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   shi gotal'u haastal,,

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So, Mandrake came out in 1934, that would make him older than Superman. I wonder why he didn't catch on and what his background story is. This movie should be something to see once it comes out in theaters.

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it will be interesting to see this and Green Hornet put into film.