Topic: BFFC @ Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta

Just checking if we should do a meet-up for BFFC at Dragon*Con 2009, which is Sept. 4th - 7th in Atlanta, Georgia.

BFFC therealmccoy will be there all 4 days, and will be in charge of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club booth. Hopefully I will have some business cards to hand out along with other Merc goodies as well. Would be great to see BFFC members if you happen to drop in, come find me there! Or if we're all walking around in armor, look for the pale green and black wink

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Re: BFFC @ Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta

Guests related (in far varying degrees) to the history of Boba Fett:

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta
Steve Sansweet


Re: BFFC @ Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta

oh do i wish i could go. i start college september 2, so that's a no-no for me. really mad too, would love to get Anderson's signature on my Jedi Academy trilogy books.