Topic: New Comic Con 09 Boba Fett merchandise

I was at work tonight checking out some of the pics taken at the San Diego Comic Con of the new merchandise that's coming out later in the year.  Right now the Rebel Scum website has some of the best pics out there.  A few things grabbed my eye that were Fett related. 

First off was the new Jabba's Palace scene Boba Fett statue.  Looks like it comes attached with the Gamorean Guard.  Too bad, although the mounted Taun Taun head is a nice touch. … age134.asp

For fans of the Galactic Heroes Lines, looks like they're finally giving us a Slave 1 playset this time, with Boba and a frozen Han Solo.

There's the Boba Fett and BL-17 2-pack that was showcased last year, but they didn't have any prototype figures of.

Looks like Jeremy Bulloch finally gets his own figure in the form of Jeremoch Colton (the Tantive IV pilot from Episode 3).  I think I foresee some people kit-bashing some Boba Fett figures with the head of this figure in the future.  How much you wanna bet? (also notice the protype version of IG-88)

There's the previously released McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett figure that's packaged together with a bunch of McQuarrie concept figures (who didn't see this one coming?).

And a new Jango Fett and Coleman Trebor 2-pack that's part of a Target Exclusive set of 2-packs.

Makes me wish I was there.  Oh well.  If I find anything else while surfing, or if anyone who is there at the Con finds anything good, be sure to post them on this thread for us.  Thanks a bunch.

Good hunting.

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Re: New Comic Con 09 Boba Fett merchandise

Just found some more goodies shown at the Comic Con on Sir Steves webpage.

These are from the ACME Archives booth.  It looks like they're going to make another Star Wars themed Family Guy episode again.  Either that, or they're just putting these out for fun. … hoto=32454

A Ralph McQuarrie Boba print: … hoto=32445

And one of the same ones that are offered by and Entertainment Earth: … hoto=32441

Coverage from the Hasbro panel looks like some more Fett figures on the way, as well.

A "Kamino Conflict" 4-pack, with previously released figures in the set. … hoto=32244

Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre and Jarael comic book 2-pack, from the Knights of the Old Republic comic series. … hoto=32278

And from the Hallmark side of the house, a new Fett ornament (with frozen Han) for the upcoming Christmas season. … hoto=32143

If anyone was at the Con and got some good images, don't forget to add them to our Bounties Collectibles database when you get a chance.

Good hunting.

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"I'm just a simple Fan, trying to make my way in the universe."