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“She’s dead.”

Her voice was clear and pretty like an ice-covered corpse preserved for white eternity.

The Masked One turned quickly and faced her defensively. Already his DL-44 was held high at the being before him as he waited for her to explain herself.

“The Jedi you were thinking about,” The fragile pale girl looked on innocently and explained, adding with cold finality, “She is dead.”

The Masked One looked away at the blood staining his cloak, “I know.”

He had known she was dying, and it had only been a hope that she might live.

“You killed her,” She said as one would call the sky blue, and shook her head mournfully with her eyes still on him, “If...only you had not started that fight.”

The black haired, and scarlet cloaked humanoid was flooded with a flaring hatred and fired. As instantly as she had appeared, her form fluidly changed instantly into that of the girl jedi with short brown hair. The shot caught her solidly in the heart and forced her back a step, blood poured from her mouth dramatically in a crimson cough, and she fell painfully slowly onto the duracrete in a slow wet sounding heap.

The Masked One blinked, suddenly making the realization that he had not fired at all, and she still stood there laughing lightly as it slowly started to rain over the city. He let loose a foul curse, and shook off her influence violently from his mind.
She quietly stood there in a simple white knee-length dress, her full lips pursed thoughtfully, unsure of what to say now to the lethal figure.

“Listen,” She asked with an air of innocent helplessness in her porous eyes, “I have this terrible fear of violence...and a...jedi... mind if I follow you?”

“Yes.” He asserted angrily, and began to make his way off, leaving her behind.

“Oh, I can help! I won’t do anything you wouldn’t want me to, and I’ll only follow behind you.” She cried after him, “Hello?”

He stopped and sighed as careful logic calculated itself through his mind, and he remembered that he’d lost track of the three he was tailing.  The Masked One turned, “Do you know the way Arcuse and Sathik have taken to the Nal Hutta Exchange?”

She smiled.

“I know the way. They have attempted to hide their presence by taking the lower level sewer way under the city streets,” Her strides were fast and smooth like liquid as she caught up next to him, she held fleetingly to his arm to emphasize her presence and pointed, “Look, the entry hatch is not far.”
The Masked One wasn’t sure how he knew her name.


Her name was Blink Myno.

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The Masked One wasn’t growing fond of his newfound companion very quickly. Traveling with Blink was frustrating to say the least. He’d experienced closing and clouding his mind to others on more than one occasion having dealt with jedi before. However none of them had possessed mind probing techniques quite like this girl. He could sense her lazily wandering through every corner of his mind reading it like an open book. He already had enough stuff going on in his head to deal with right now.

The rain pounded down on their backs as The Masked One pulled open the hatch to reveal the dark depths of the Nal Hutta sewers. He allowed Blink to climb down before jumping in after her.

As the hunter landed, he heard his feet slap down on the wet surface. Stone walls coated with clay emerged from the darkness on either side of them. Every now and then, a lantern was placed to make travel more convenient. Unfortunately, they were placed far enough from each other to leave every 5-yard interval in pitch black.

Another sewer, he thought with disgust. And I was under the impression that my luck was improving .

To his surprise, his thoughts were given an answer. A high-pitched giggle rang ominously through his head followed by another thought.

You’re silly bounty hunter, the voice remarked. I’m glad there’s some funny in here, it was starting to look awfully dark….

The Masked One surveyed their surroundings once again and scoffed at the irony. With Blink leading the way, they started navigating through the tunneled undercity of Nal Hutta. If there were other travelers, they hid themselves well. Otherwise why avoid the light?

“Can you please give it a rest?” he finally remarked after a long silence. He had been painfully aware of the girl continuously poking around for the entire span of their journey.

“I can’t help it,” she whined childishly. “You’ve just got so many skeletons in your closet…” she gave a sigh of pleasure. “I find it exhilarating.”

The Masked One turned his concealed face to look sadly upon the girl’s shadowed face. Such an amazing gift, and she used it for amusement. Surreptitiously feeding off other’s hopes, dreams, and fears.

The rouge suddenly realized that Blink could blow his cover. But he was in too deep now, she knew everything.

Don’t worry Masked One, your secret’s safe with me…

The Masked One shuddered. Arcuse and Sathik may have had enough sense to keep her around, but he found himself having a hard time. She gave him the creeps.

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The lower Nal Hutta Exchange was defined by a massive pavilion in the center, with market booths and small emporiums around the edges.  The line of mercenaries streched around the base of the pavilion, full of every manner of scum and villiany...tusked Whiphids with giant vibro-axes, a Rodian with weapons strapped all over his body, and a Wookiee with massive, clawed droid arms were just a few of the more obvious characters defined in the crowd. 
Tussok stood on a hoverplatform overlooking the pavilion, flanked by several Weequay guards, staring at the mercenaries below with an evil glint in his eye, an ever-present grin of malice upon his face.  He reached for a nearby microphone.

"Gentlebeings!" The amplified voice boomed over the Exchange, silencing the conversation and rowdier participants below.  "The Gherilijic Hutts welcome you, those who have graciously offered your services in ensuring the safety, and security, of the commemorative Gala of Sadask'ha!" 
Tussok laughed evily, smoke rising from the stim stick dangling out of his mouth high into the night sky. 
"There are only ten--count them, TEN positions available in this try-out; those of you who are selected will enjoy all the Hutt hospitality offered of their most devoted servants..." The grin stretched impossibly wide.  "And those unselected are welcome to try again next year...assuming you survive." 

A massive Huk, one of the last of his kind, covered in tattoos and brandishing a spiked vibro-mace, shouted from the ground. "Less talk!  FIGHT!!" 
The crowd murmured it's approval, growing into a hideous cresendo of guttoral roars and war-crys. 

Tussok laughed gleefully.  "Those of you who are prepared to die...STEP UP!  Onto the pavilion!  The last...ten...standing...ARE THE VICTORS!!"

The crowd roared it's approval, surging forward up the pavilion.

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Mia felt the tension outside the cantina and walked out to see a circus of bloodshed with Tussock watching eagerly. Although Mia had only been on the planet for a short period of time she had identified the Trandoshan fairly quickly from his local reputation.

Mia turned to go back into the cantina and walked straight into Kar'bil. She blinked, not sure what to do, she hadn't been ready to approach him yet.

"Hello." He said timidly, as if afraid that he'd frighten her off.

Mia smiled, Jedi were made of sterner stuff. "Greetings." She answered him. She meant to walk around him but he grabbed her forearm.

"Wait, I think we may be able to help each other." Kar'bil whispered.

Mia looked up at him from under her long lashes, "We should probably discuss this elsewhere."

Kar'bil nodded and led her back to the Cantina where Arcuse and Sathik stood staring at him with annoyance. Although Arcuse's attention quickly turned to the specticle behind them.

At that moment a droid dropped out of the sky and landed behind Mia, it's arms were long sharp blades and it was heading for the Jedi and Twi'lek heir.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Arcuse instantly fired his blaster at the assassin droid and caught the new threat in a  photoreceptor. The droid spun was away from the force of the shot, one optical sensor now a mess of sparks and seared technology.

Everything was happening so fast.       

“Move!” Arcuse shoved Sathik by the shoulder into the direction of the platform, straining his vocal cords to shout. The black-haired humanoid was off in a mad sprint to catch up to the surging crowd. No time for strategy or thought. Blood stained instincts for survival had taken control now. Hopefully that would be enough.

It had started raining.

Sathik shoved his way to the center of the crowd, body tense, and shotgun at the ready, waiting, and watching. His blood now seared with heat inside from anticipation. It was about time the action had started. The best part about the hunt was always the kill. Nothing else came close...except for maybe getting paid for the kill. It was all that Sathik knew and loved.

Sathik didn’t like having to go in without Arcuse, that was asking for seven kinds of trouble once things started getting bloody and desperate. The masked hunter shook his head and focused on the task at hand.
Arcuse ran toward Kar’bil and the she-jedi near him. Mia finally had her lightsaber in a buzzing flash of light and was ready to meet the outstretched blades of the droid.

“Come on,” Blink suddenly climbed over a broken railing to the side along the sewer way, and led the scarlet cloaked hunter to a blocked off ladder obscured by the pitch-black darkness.

The masked warrior broke off the rusted barrier in front of the ladder.

“Almost there,” she assured, “Above us is the Exchange, and the exit hatch opens up to the maintenance and main power generator on the lowest level."

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would that I could join them Tussok mused to himself, observing the carnage from above.  To tear the heart out, rend my foes feel their terror quivering between my jaws before I send them to the ScoreKeeper...

HUN stood next to him, silent and foreboding, the rain pouring down his trenchcoat in rivulets laced with the blood of those slain in Kubba's Palace.

The Trandoshan turned to observe his counterpart, a wide grin of exctasy upon his face.  "Glorious, yes?" 

HUN turned to face him, then returned his blue eyes to the battle below. 

"Ah....silent warrior, I see."  Tussok chuckled, reaching into a pocket for a fresh stim-stick.  "To be perfectly honest, I had hoped you would refuse my offer."  the Trandoshan grew serious.  "That I could have a chance to face such an...intimidating opponent." He laughed again, spittle flying from his mouth. 

If HUN had heard, he made no indication.  The Huk below had just impaled a Devaronian viciously upon his mace, and now used the still-screaming alien as an extension of his weapon, smashing down opponent after opponent.  Around him, the bloody skirmish continued. 

"But!  I suppose it was for the best..." Tussok murmured contemplatively.  "My Hutt masters will make good use of you...assasin, mercenary, bounty hunter, death incarnate, whatever you prefer to call yourself."  The reptilian smile returned.  "I look forward to working with you."

The two warriors, framed against the distant light of the setting sun, continued to watch as the participants began to thin out.  The bodies of the dead lay scattered everywhere, a few still clinging to life and struggling desperately to crawl off the blood-soaked pavilion.  About 40 warriors remained, each locked in single combat with another.  Sathlik put a bolt through an armored Weequay's face, turning quickly to pistol-whip a dark-skinned human with a brutal "crack"! 

Te'dac was wounded, a vibroblade cut down his face, and fortunately managed to get off the pavilion and to safety.  Tal Rith and Moa continued to fight, strategically positioning themselves to avoid the more skilled combatants; The Rodian weaponmaster, a one-lekkued Twi-lek with twin vibroswords, Sathlik, and the Huk, drenched in the blood of pulverized victims...

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Kar'bil pulled the blaster from his holster as four more droids landed. The hum of Mia's lightsabre sounded nearby as she lunged at the droid closest to her.

Kar'bil took steady aim at one near Arcuse and shot it's photo receptor. "That one was mine." Arcuse informed him none to gently.

Kar'bil nodded and targetted the next droid. Mia had neatly cut her droid in half and was moving to assist him when five more landed. "Where are these things coming from?" He wondered out loud.

"Who knows? But whoever is sending them, really doesn't like us." Mia replied.

Kar'bil dodged as a blade swung at his head. He weaved to the side and fired off some rapid bolts.

Mia pivoted and cut one of the blades from the droid's arm. A small blaster moved out of a hidden compartment and started firing at them.

"I think blinding them was a better option." Kar'bil said. Mia managed to deflect the bolts as Kar'bil blasted the droid's neck, making it's head fall to the ground

Meanwhile Arcuse had also managed to lop of the head of a droid he'd been fighting.

Kar'bil noticed that Sathik was out of site. "We're your partner?" Kar'bil called to Arcuse.

But Arcuse was having far too much fun to bother answering.

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Out of shells. No time to load. He cracked the back of his shotgun against a face and the jaw dislocated in a sickening crack. In a swift movement he sheathed the spread gun on his shoulder, flicking out a wicked blade with his other black-gloved hand. He pulled a human by the neck and shoulder viciously down on a blade, ripped the knife up and out, and tossed the bleeding and coughing and hacking corpse away.

He ducked down as a vibro-ax slashed at his black and now sticky hair, if it had nicked his skull he didn’t notice. The dark masked killer slashed behind him up and under the large reptilian Feeorin’s sternum, shattering the surrounding bones. His other hand found the knife holstered at his thigh and slashed across the shocked alien’s throat, severing the vital arteries in a bloody splash. His body was on fire and mind far beyond control.

Sathik was loud and always had something to say in any situation…except for when he was killing. Even shadows weren’t as silent as he was then. It was something few noticed, and those that did…usually ended up dead anyway.

The crowd was shrinking fast, and the intensity somehow managed to only increase as only the skilled remained.

Sathik twisted to avoid a slashing vibroblade, his body was screaming from the self-inflicted agony of exertion, his shaking hand weakly dropped his heavy knife, and he stumbled to his hands and knees as the previous vibroblade’s twin swung at where his chest had been. He drew the Sorosuub S-5 from under his arm, as he rolled onto his back and fired at the Twi’lek’s face three times before the fresh corpse sunk to the duracrete, blades clattering.

Avoiding enemy fire, the plagued hunter fired three shots at the bezerking blood-drenched Huk before the being’s mace collided into his stomach. All air was instantly gone, and Sathik found himself stunned on the ground, belly up, and a mace rushing down to say hello to his skull. He rolled out of instinct alone. Fragments of the ground sliced into where his face was uncovered.

In a burst of desperate strength Sathik kicked at the mace and knocked it from the Huk’s scaled hands. He ripped off his mask to gasp heavily for the air he couldn’t get. The void-eyed killer grabbed at the sharp shards on the ground from a broken sword. His gloved hand brought the flat of the dark metal the size of a razor blade quickly across his tongue. The Huk had returned with his mace and Sathik was just able to avoid the bone-shattering blow, and the plagued killer stood and plunged the contaminated metal fragment into the back of the Huk’s neck.

It didn’t matter that the sharp fragment hardly even caused the Huk any pain—The creature was long dead. The Huk spun it's heavy mace around and smashed at the other fighters that had gotten too close in the chaos. The creature stumbled and coughed suddenly.

It’s eyes went wide to late, a foamy cough erupted from the Huk's lips. It would have screamed if it wasn’t killing it so fast. It would have screamed if the absolute agony hadn’t forced all it's conscious bodily functions to a shrieking halt. It didn’t matter that the Huk was filled with enemy blaster fire as he fell to the ground, twitching. The scaled hunter was already dead.

The hatch cracked and creaked as the seal was wrenched apart, and pushed open. The Masked One stealthily looked over the armored metal edge, and Blink forced her way up next to him to see.

"Oh looke, droids." She whispered and pointed at the minimal security left to guard the power generator, "I hate droids. Can you..."

The Masked and mysterious hunter had already silently lifted himself out, and a dark grin came across his covered face, "Not a problem."

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Heri sat starting at a monitor. She was controlling a small robotic fly that was currently infiltrating Nalarg the Hutt's palace.

A servant's door stood slightly ajar on the eighth floor, allowing easy access to her fly. Being cautious, Heri made it land just inside the door frame. She waited for any signs of security breach, but there were none.

She moved the fly in through the kitchen and landed it on the back of a waiter's shirt sleeve. Heri sat back from the screen as the imaged bounced with the waiter's steps. When she heard laughter she detached the fly and landed on an rather sadistic looking vase. She turned the fly to face the small gathering.

"...I can't believe we pulled it off." A grubby looking human said.

A Trandoshan laughed, "All too easy and who would know that the Hutt's not really alive."

Heri's brow creased in confusion at his words. She turned the fly to the dais where the Hutt sat. He was perfectly still which didn't seem right. She decided to move the fly in closer. She flew it to the ceiling then landed it on a grotesque statue.

The Hutt's body looked as oily as it would in life, however the eyes gave it away. They looked almost plastic. It seemed the Hutt had been killed and stuffed, then left on display. What kind of sick individual did such a thing?

Heri continued listening in to the conversations of Nalarg's ex-employees but they didn't give much away. Only a name gave Heri any clues as to who had done this, there had been the quiet whispers of Black Sun.

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The Masked One casually hefted out his blaster to blow a few wires out of the two droids closet to him. The bolts flew true decapitating the first one and taking the bladed-arm clean off the second. The new arrival distracted the remaining assassins long enough for Arcuse to gun another few down.

“Arcuse,” he shouted to catch the Ubese’s attention. “Stay with Kar’bil! They’re trying to separate you.”

The warrior didn’t even pause as The Masked One received a blank stare from a visored helmet in reply.

Mia seemed to leap out of nowhere to cut vertically down the across the body of another. She spun around to force push another cluster of them right out of the entrance of the cantina.

The Masked One sensed a pair of blades behind him just in time to duck the razor-sharp edges and drop into a sweeping kick that sent the droid clattering to the ground. A barrage of blasterfire tore the fallen enemy to pieces as it lay there.

The Masked One turned to find the source and saw Kar’bil dropped down on one knee and expertly toasting the oncoming assassins. The Twi’lek had a focused expression on his tattooed face and his arm remained steadily level as he skillfully and precisely let off shot after shot.

You’re handy with a blaster kid, he thought genuinely impressed. But if I were you I’d get off this planet ASAP. Something bigger than both of us is going on.

The Masked One whipped out his lightsaber to rebound a salvo of shots directly back in the direction of the droid that had fired them. He sent the DL-44 back to his belt as he assuredly sliced back at the edged assailants that were pressing down on them.

Something was missing The Masked One suddenly realized. There was an excess of enemies, seemingly endless blasterfire, the familiar hum of lightsabers… but the comforting crack of a shotgun was not present.

Or was it? There it was, a faint explosion coming from the pavilion outside. The Masked One began ornately twirling his saber to clear a pathway out of the cantina. He hoped the three fighters could handle the rest of these guys. The Masked One was about to aid on old friend who he sensed wasn’t exactly faring well in the contest outside the palace.

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Tussok laughed long and hard, standing tall above the carnage taking place below the repulsorpad...the bodies piling up, the blood pouring off the pavilion in tiny rivers, the dying screams of varied sentients...beautiful in the Trandoshan's reptilian eyes. 

It was down to 19 fighters...and beginning to take it's toll on even the more experienced warriors.  Tal Rith had taken a hard blow to the stomach, limping as he maneuvered away from the other combatants.  A Gamorrean had lost an eye, yet still refused to give ground.  The Rodian was still standing, yet had exhausted most of his vast array of weapons...

Sathik was hurt.  Badly.  The Huk had come within inches of taking his life...he coughed hard, slipping his mask back over his face.  nineteen, eighteen.  he thought dejectedly as a Whiphid tore open a human combatant from head to gut.    I'm in serious trouble...  Most of his ammo was gone, and his entire body burned with pain.   

The Rodian approached, wielding two long, curved ryyk blades, which he swung from the base of his hands in elaborate circles, moving closer to the wounded bounty hunter.  Sathik reached for the Sorosuub S-5, and winced in pain as his wrist snapped back with the force of an impact...The Rodian had thrown one of the blades, and the blaster now lay yards away, spinning in a pool of blood. 

"Shavit" Sathik muttered under his breath, watching as the ryyk blade curved through the night sky and returned to its thrower, who caught it effortlessly.  This guy's good... 
The Rodian sliced downwards at his unarmed opponent.  Sathik barely managed to dodge, his stamina exhausted...the blade clipped along the side of his mask, cutting a piece out of it with a high-pitched "clang!".   
Sathik summoned the energy to kick hard towards the Rodian's groin, but the alien dodged easily, spinning backwards and around to impact Sathik in the face with a roundhouse kick that brought red spots to his vision as he fell to rest in a pool of green blood...

The Rodian raised his whirling blades high...Sathlik could only watch helplessly as they began their descent. 
Well....this is it he thought grimly, preparing to face obliviion.
And watched as a lightsaber tore through the Rodians spine, erupting out of his chest and cutting upwards through his screaming face. 

"Looks like I made it in time", the Masked One grinned beneath his facade. 

Sathik coughed, slowly bringing himself to his feet. "I had it under control."

"Like krif you did..."  The Masked One deactivated his lightsaber, turning around to view the other combatants.  To his suprise, the battle had stopped.  Still with 13 people.... something's wrong he thought to himself, as he heard the low hum of a repulsorpad lowering from above. 

Tussok was not happy. 

The Trandoshan jumped off of the pad, a distance still of thirty feet, landing effortlessly in front of the Masked One, towering above the red-cloaked form.

"You DARE to interrupt my song of destruction!?!" Manic rage flared in Tussok's eyes.  "I will see your children's BURNING CORPSES HANG FROM MY WALL!!"

The Masked One glared back. "Just saving a friend...don't make a problem out of it."

The Trandoshan shivered with fury...then calmed, the grinding jaws turning into a grim smile.  "Aaahh....thank you, my friend." 

"What for?"  The Masked One slowly reached for his weapon.

"What a perfect end with your beating heart between my jaws."  Tussok stepped backwards.  " A battle to the death!  Fight for your right to live, masked warrior." 

The Masked One pulled out his lightsaber, preparing to activate it...and saw HUN standing still on the replusorpad, framed against city lights, and shaking his head slowly. 
The Masked One hesitated...and put the weapon back. 

Tussok growled.  "You DARE refuse!?!"

"Not tonight...I have buisness to take care of."  The Masked One grinned, watching the look of enraged fustration upon Tussoks face before it was covered by the smoke bomb he had released from inside his coat.

As the haze cleared, Sathik and the Masked One had dissappeared. 

The rest of the combatants could only stare, as Tussok's scales turned grey with anger...the Trandoshan roared, a hideous, primal sound that echoed throughtout the Exchange. 
His eyes narrowed into points as he turned towards a Klatoonian mercenary, grabbed the aliens face in his long clawes, and crushed his skull in an explosion of blood. 

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The rain was pouring down now. The darkened street was crowded and dirty, only lit by the  flourescent glowing signs along the way. The Masked One kept to the shadows alongside the edge of the street, hurrying in the direction of the cantina.  The scarlet cloaked warrior had Sathik’s right arm over his shoulder as he half-supported and half-carried the weakened killer.

“Gods that was fun until you showed up,”Sathik stumbled along, almost laughing as though he hadn’t nearly gotten himself killed. He stopped suddenly and tried to turn, “Wait, my weapons, I...”

“I got them.”

“You are amazing. Almost as amazing as I am,” Sathik kept talking to keep himself from passing out, “you see how fast I,” he coughed, “killed those freaks? Yeah, it was overkill, but hey, you know how it is, kill kill kill, bang blast slash, fun fun fun.”

“What?” The Masked One turned to face him sharply. Not sure of what he had just heard Sathik say.           

Sathik looked at him like he was crazy, “I... didn’t say anything.”

The scarlet cloaked hunter shook his head and continued down the street. Sathik coughed loudly under his breath, “CoughSchizoCough.” Before the scarlet cloaked warrior could respond, the black-clad hunter stumbled over nothing and almost pulled The Masked One down with him. The weakened hunter held his gloved hand to the wall—leaving a hand print of blood that had no living owner—and straightened himself, taking a few quick breaths before he moved on.

“Oh hey, sorry I hit you,” Sathik was light-headed, and earlier he had reflexively attacked the Masked One as he had tried to carry the other hunter out of the Exchange.

“It’s okay, I hit you back.”

“Oh, yeah.” Sathik laughed slightly, before he suddenly broke into a fit of haggard coughs.

The cantina was a mess of a wide variety of corpses of flesh and metal, overturned tables, broken glass, blood, and violent havoc. And Arcuse was entirely in his element.

He boosted the power level on his blaster and fired at the oncoming assassin droid. The droid’s hold-out blaster shattered in a burst of red light, along with sensor after sensor, until the droid fell in a cluttered and sliding heap at his feet and lay there twitching. He continued to fire at the skilled technological onslaught, carefully avoiding Mia in her flowing movements across the cantina as she carved through the attackers with her lightsaber.

Kar’bil was on his knees loading his blaster from where he had taken cover. In front of him, Mia slashed a droid’s arm off, swung the blade up and around and brought it through the attacker’s armored chest-plate.
Another droid charged forward, the bounty hunter lifted his powerful blaster and permanently deactivated the assassin droid in an intense succession of shots. He spun the blaster and stuck it back into his holster, turning sharply to take hold of a metal chair and smash it into another droid, knocking it with a loud crash into the floor. Arcuse smashed the chair down onto the metal casing of the “skull” and crushed it hard into the duracrete.

Without stopping, Arcuse hefted his new-found weapon with one hand and forcefully threw it, catching a droid in the legs and causing it to unceremoniously hit the floor, knocking over the droid behind it . Kar’bil fired quickly at the one nearest him, and Mia slashed elegantly through the other. As the cantina fell into a strange and tense quiet, Arcuse stepped over the bodies strewn across the floor toward the entrance to see if any more mechanical threats lay without.    
“Sathik!” He strained his vocal cords as he watched the Masked One carry in his partner.

“Hey, Arc, look I made a friend,” Sathik smiled faintly as he tried to stand, before he blacked out and fell into the armored hunter’s arms, “She’s a really nice lady...”

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Kar'bil narrowed his eyes at the new arrival, "Weren't you at the fight earlier?"

The Masked One was about to answer, however Mia stepped in. "If you're referring to the battle that killed my companions, then yes this is the same being."

Kar'bil nodded and eyed the new arrival appraisingly, but said nothing.

"Your fighting technique is familiar, stranger." Arcuse commented.

The Masked One shrugged, "Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't."

Mia walked towards the Masked One, "So why are you here?"

"I have my reasons." He answered.

Mia lifted her head suddenly. "A Force-user follows you, but you're not exactly inept yourself."

The Masked One shrugged, "I'm not a Jedi, but nor am I Sith."

Mia snorted, "So you want to be a walking enigma? So be it, just don't go turning on us, you'll regret it."


Heri turned off the console as her flying spy returned. She placed the small robotic device back into it's tiny container and approached Nif who had been meditating. "Things are more complicated than we first thought."

Nif opened his large eyes and turned to Heri. "I suspected as much, this planet is a place of deception and scandal."

Heri nodded, "Nalarg is dead. It would seem Black Sun are truly at the heart of the drama unfolding."

Nif stood, "This makes things worse. If Black Sun are involved there is more at stake than mere trade."

Heri toyed with a lock of hair from her ponytail. "We need to find the others, they must be informed of this development."

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Heri and Nif took separate directions, not wanting to use the communicators in case they were sliced.

Heri was heading towards the second docking bay when she felt a dark taint in the Force, she stopped and reached out. She recoiled immediately as she came across something so dark and sinister that it made her shudder. Not only that, but it had the ability to use to the Force also.

As she stood in shock, Heri felt the taint touch her. It also started to probe at her mind. Heri immediately blocked it. Then she heard a deep male voice in her head. "You will not find what you are looking for here."

Heri blinked. "What do you think I'm looking for?"

But there was no answer. However Heri saw a human male dressed in black, walk from one of the newly arrived ships. He was very muscular and appeared very handsome, but Heri could feel the evil flowing from him. As she looked closer she realised who he was. He was known only as The Fist. He was one of the henchmen from Black Sun and he was very high up in the foodchain.

Heri shuddered as he looked at her and grinned, he then blew her a kiss and laughed and she grimaced. Her first impulse was to find the others immediately, but then she had a feeling that that was just what The Fist wanted.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

“So you want to be a walking enigma? So be it, just don't go turning on us, you'll regret it.”

The Masked One gave Mia a sideways glance. He was never that good with first impressions; one of the reasons he often worked alone, but just as he was about to reassure his companions there was a change in the winds.

Mia surveyed the disarrayed cantina with one hand loosely placed on the hilt of her saber. Her discomfort cued Arcuse to quickly scan the room’s angles and exits. Even Blink twitched her nose nervously.

“Did you feel that?” she asked directing the question at The Masked One.

He had. The scarlet hunter raised his head higher as if a change in the air had caught his attention.

“I smell new friends,” he said distantly. “I don’t like it when guys deeper in the shadows than me come out to play.”

“It’s not you then?” Mia questioned him hesitantly.

“Hardly,” scoffed The Masked One beginning to unravel the wraps around his face. “Whoever this barve is, he’s using the force to amplify his power. Probably trying to scare us.”

“This one has embraced the dark side,” Blink agreed nodding vigorously. “He flourishes in his own suffering.”

The need for secrecy was gone with this new threat. The only necessity now was survival. There was a pause as the last of The Masked One’s red cloth fell to the floor. Dash parted his cloak to reveal his familiar Imperial mercenary armor.

“I thought as much,” Arcuse rasped unperturbed. “May I ask why you felt the need to conceal yourself?”

“You two… know each other?” Kar’bil inquired looking from one bounty hunter to the other.”

“Apologies,” Dash bowed towards his Ubese companion. “The plan was to jump in if you and Sathik found yourselves in a tight spot. The Hutts would already know you two by rep, I wanted to get in and out without a trace.”

“But it looks like we’re in something deeper than just gang squabbles,” commented Mia clearly unnerved by the new presence that they were both sensing. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“What about Tresh'san?” Kar’bil was saying frantically. “We can still save her right?”

No one had an answer for the young Twi’lek. The silence was only broken by a dazed Sathik.

“Hey look you guys!” he shouted trying to sit up. “Dash is here. Dash, when did you get here? Hey Dash, guess what? There’s another force-sensitive bounty hunter here! You’d like her. Hey, where’d she go?”

Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Mia wasn't listening to Sathik as he approached, instead she reached out with the Force to find her fellow Jedi. Candar was near with Nif, but Heri was a long way off and seemed to be trying to hide her position.

Mia realised that Heri was close to the disturbing tremour in the Force.

At that moment Dash turned to look at her, "Is something wrong?"

"I think one of my companions is in danger, she's trying to shield herself from me." Mia answered.

"Why would she do that?" Dash asked.

"She must be near the evil presence. She's probably trying to protect us." Mia replied.

Kar'bil snorted, "She may be in league with this evil presence."

Mia's jaw clenched. "Heri is one of the most loyal Jedi I know. She would not betray us."

Dash, Arcuse and Sathik spoke in suprised unison. "Heri?"

Kar'bil shook his head, "Let me guess, you know her too."

Sathik looked concerned, "I think we'll need that Force-sensitive bounty hunter."

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Kane stepped out, watching parts of the faraway fight from a set of electrobinocs. It'd calmed down mostly, Kane walking off to go meet with HUN for whatever it was he was so needed for. Bringing the stolen blaster with him, slowly taking his way through the streets. Taking a stunner shell from a thigh pocket into his left hand, and a light shell hanging from his mouth ever so slightly. By the time Kane got there; Arcuse, Sathik, and whoever else were already gone. Just a few remaining droids and hunters.
He grabbed the collar of a tired Rodian, throwing him into the path of a medium sized droid. The Rodian was torn to pieces, and the bots skinning blades stuck into place by the being's entrails. A small screen above showed the action for spectators across the upstair halls. Five droids were left with seven other mercs and hunters. Nonchalantly, Kane looked around him, and there was HUN.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

HUN motioned for Kane to join him on the repulsorpad, now floating only a few feet above the pavilion floor.  Tussok approached from the other side, simmering rage in his eyes.
"Don't you start."  Tussok growled towards Kane as he leaped atop the repulsor pad.  HUN lowered his arm to help Kane pull himself aboard as well, and the repulsorpad quickly returned to it's position above the batte.  Tussok faced HUN directly.  "Who's your friend?" 
"An---old aquiaintance, whom I have---brought to your attention, given his useful abilities."
Tussok was visibly confused.  "If he wanted a position, he should've been here for REGISTRATION."
HUN typed another series of characters in. 
"You, being a non-forcer, cannot---understand the situation that is developing here.  There are Forcer elements---Sith, Jedi, and others---rapidly coalescing in this city.  As such, the Gherilijic Hutts could undoubtably---utilize the exemplary anti-Forcer abilities of this entity, Kane."
Tussok looked Kane over with his reptilian eyes.  "...and you vouch for this guy?"
"Well...given your reputation HUN, I'll take your word for it."  Tussok grinned.  "The more the merrier anyways."
The Trandoshan turned to face the crowd below, just as the cyborg Wookiee smashed the eleventh combatant's face into the duracrete floor.
"The battle is OVER!"  Tussok shouted into the mike.  "We...have...our...WINNERS!"
The spectating crowd roared it's approval, as the ten survivors convened in the center of the pavilion.  Moa, Tal Rith, The Wookiee, and seven other battered warriors raised their weapons in victory, the audiences shouts building in momentum throughout the Exchange. 
Tussok lowered the mike and turned to face HUN and Kane.  "So...Forcers in Sadask'ha?"
HUN nodded grimly.
Tussok cackled evily. "Then you two had best...ensure their glorious destruction."

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Kane quietly kneeled to look at the crowd below. Listening loosely as Tussok read HUN's datapad. The reptile not happy about the ammunition he'd have to provide in exchange for their service. Thankfully HUN had mentioned his 05, noticing the Trando's blood shot eyes glaring at him spelled that out. Kane pretended not to notice, standing up. Dropping the shell in his mouth into the 05. Closing the back with a thumb.
"Forcers? What are we looking at, 100,000 a head?" Tussok nearly snarled it out.
"That all depends on if you want to keep the body or not. And Black Sun usually pays double that..." Kane.
Tussok looked like he was about to tear his own eyes out from restraint. Kane trying his best not to get his head pulled off, well aware he wasn't doing all that well.


Moa ripped a force pike from a cold dead hand. laughing-or at least his version of it- as he noticed the two others surviving as well. If he had them, he'd be licking his lips in earnest and bloodlust. The bounty was close, but, a little something else floated in the air. Even without perception through the force; it was obvious, this was an easy task. The worst was yet to come. Moa raised the Pike into the air, challenging the very essence of the room.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The Fist smirked at his thoughts of the pitiful Jedi he'd just passed. She'd been so concerned about him following her that she'd stood there frozen. It had been a shame he hadn't the time to do a little "practice" on her.

But The Fist had more pressing matters. Besides his lankies would put the word out for  bounties. His abilities allowed him to control them whenever he wanted.

The Fist parted his cloak and threw it over his shoulder as he approached the Former Hutt home. There were those who easily fell into The Fist's services, and those who were pursuaded with the most lethal means necessary. At this time, he was hoping to attract the attention of Tussok. But that would come later.

For now he had to assume the place of the dead Hutt. All organisations needed a head, and since Nalarg was stuffed upon his dais, that left The Fist to assume the role.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride



“Sathik! Wake up!”

Someone who sounded very far away was shouting at him.

“Sathik! Come on! You can sleep later.”

Sathik felt someone shaking him firmly by his shoulder harness. Everything came back to him in a sickening and dizzying rush of cold night air, and the smell of blood and metal. He felt so tired...

“Sathik! Up!”


The black haired humanoid cursed tiredly through clenched teeth and stood erect. He was leaning up against a filthy duracrete wall covered and stained in filth and colorful graffiti. They were outside in the streets in some dirty and shadowed alley. Sathik wasn’t entirely sure yet who exactly “they” were, but they hadn’t tried to kill him yet and he knew Arcuse was nearby so he felt more at ease.

“Where’s the party?” The plagued bounty hunter asked sleepily.

“Sssshh!” A girl Jedi at the edge of the alley peeking out hissed back sharply. She was afraid. It screamed in her eyes and tense defensive stance—Something is ALWAYS wrong when the Jedi are afraid.

“Here,” Dash whispered next to the dark eyed bounty hunter and held out a familiar looking shotgun, “This should make you feel better.”

Sathik smiled and took his favorite weapon affectionately. The professional killer spoke with mocking regret through his mask, “I didn’t get you anything.”

Mia was staring out of the dark alley. In the wide courtyard they could see Master Heri Taldon standing far off in the distance. The young Jedi’s heart had sang at the sight...until she had seen what Heri was looking at.

The dark aura was chilling...even from far over here.

Mia held her breath as the dark being simply started to walk if none of them mattered.

“What are we waiting for?” Kar’bil asked nervously with his blaster held ready.  He didn’t like not being able to understand what was going on.

“Hold sai.” Arcuse spoke firmly through his lifeless, artificial sounding voice.

Sathik was systematically loading large rounds into the barrel of his shotgun, “So Dash...when’s the last time you talked to Heri?”

Dash stared at the floor with a nervous sigh.“It’s been a long time...”

“Okay, dibs.” Sathik stated casually, and looked back to his firearm.

“On what?” Dash asked suspiciously, an emotion flaring somewhere inside him.

“Hey, you got her last time.” Sathik shrugged, “It’s only fair.”

Dash blinked in something akin to shock, “...What?”

Sathik only grinned a familiar evil smile.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Dash finally sighed, still not sure if Sathik was teasing or not.

“Aren’t you?” Sathik armed his shotgun with a loud and sudden heavy clicking noise.   

Blink was hiding quietly behind Dash trying not to look nervous. The rain had subsided temporarily, and the city had somehow become quiet though still strained with violent tension. It wasn’t safe here and they all knew it.

“He’s gone.” Mia announced with a loud exhale of relief.

“Let’s move.” Arcuse signaled to the rest in a sharp arm motion with his black gauntlet.

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I don't know if this thread is officially dead yet or not...and I was really looking forward to the Sathik / Arcuse vs HUN face off...Anyone still interested in playing?

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(Still here, anti-Jedi back up character at your service)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(I'm still in, but college is eating up most of my time nowadays.  I can make a good post about once a week. )
(HUN is preparing to hunt the Force users (Jedi and the Fist), and Tussok has a death warrant on the Masked One's head.) 
(Someone should write up a summary of everything that's happened so far, so we don't leave characters/story threads behind).
(And the HUN vs Arcuse/Sathik fight is coming, as soon as they get between him and the Jedi...)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(When you say sum it up, in a character perspective or just sum in up? Because, this is the basic plot at the moment.

Black Fist appears

Group of Jedi crawl out of the woodwork

Masked Figure actually named Dash and is a Jedi

HUN, Kane, Moa, Tal Rith join Tussok in hopes of getting the captured bride back.

Hutt revealed to be dead, Black Sun takes his place.

Kane of use as Anti-Jedi

One member of the Insect team injured. Two or so left back at the ship

Shen the Hailfire appears and left as a plothole without explanation. (I'll get to that soon)

And few know the Brides actual location, going on hints and hopes. (how's my explanation, scattered and full of mistakes right?)

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