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Topic: Plushie Boba!


Alas, he has no jetpack or blaster, I was to lazy to make patterns for them.

I am currently debating about wither or not to do a do a limited (2-5) run of these and but them up on evilbay to start a bidding war. If I did make more, they would be out of different materials than this first one, due to all of the fabric used on here being either expensive, difficult to work with, or both expensive AND difficult to work with.

If I did, would people be interested?

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Re: Plushie Boba!

I think it's cute. I'd be interested in having one, depending on the price.

And as a suggestion to maybe cut down on the expensiveness of the fabric, you don't have to use velvet or velveteen (I'm bad at telling these things). Cotton, or a linen-lookalike would work too. I assume anyway.

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Re: Plushie Boba!

Dude, i want one smile

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