Topic: ACME Archives Direct Boba Fett merchandise

Another fine edition from ACME Archives Direct.

This one is called "Legacy" by Randy Martinez.  It's already available for purchase on their site. … mp;cid=203

You may remember Randy Martinez' print he did titled "The Power of the Dark Side."  I never noticed before, but my wife pointed out that the Emperor has "The Cowbell."  He must have a fever.  A fever that can only be cured by more cowbell.

There were also some other neat little Fett items on the ACME site for anyone who's interested.  A lot of them we've shown before in the Collecting forums.  However, not all of them come up with a general search for the word "Fett" on the ACME site. … mp;cid=203 … mp;cid=203 … mp;cid=203 … mp;cid=203 … mp;cid=203

I knew they did the character keys that have been coming out the last couple of years, but didn't know they had their own site to purchase items from.  Very nice, but most of it is still pretty pricey.


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