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luke is in the x wing and is trying blow up death star

ben's spirit: luke! use the force, not the targeting computer!

luke: but i wanna use the targeting computer

ben: i said use the force!

luke: ok jeez! no need to yell!

ben: flip it up

luke: ok, i'm using the force now, not the targeting computer

x wing fighter: you've turned off your targeting computer, is something wrong?

luke: yeah that stupid spirit of that crazy old guy keeps telling me to use the force!

fighter: sucks for you man!

luke: totally bogus!

vader: i have you now

starts shooting

luke: oh crap! vader's shooting at me!

ben: use the force!

luke: ok i'll use the-

ben: use the force!

luke: ok i said i-

ben: are ya using the force yet?!

luke: JEEZ!!!

evades vader and blows up death start

ben: see! i told you!

luke: yeah whatever, i'm sure the TARGETING COMPUTER would've worked just as well though

leia: hey luke. the spirit of you old master bothering you again?

luke: big time

leia: here, use this all natural organic sleepy time tea.

luke: wow that sounds kinda gay

leia: it really works tho

luke: alright

drinks tea

luke: hey! i thinks it's working! i'm starting to feel-

passes out

leia: oops, that must have been the tea that i spiked with sleeping pills. srry dude.

                                                     THE END

oh!why'd ya slice of mah hand?!

Re: alternate episode 4

Well the first bit wasn't that bad.  The tea section was slightly random.

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Re: alternate episode 4

sounds like a rip off of family guy.

"Luke, use the force."

"Really? But I was just going to-"

"Luke, use the force."

"(sighs) Okay, fine."

Levitates lightsaber and kills person though eye.

"See? Are you happy?"

"I've never been happy."