Topic: How to avoid Spam posts

Here are some of the posts that are considered spam and how to avoid them:

1.    Double posts – posting immediately after you’ve just posted on a thread. To avoid this you can use the “edit” function on your existing post to add any further comments.
2.    Posting irrelevant notes on a thread – posting something that has nothing to do with the thread. Before posting make sure you are talking about something relevant to the thread topic. Sometimes the subject will change with ideas from other members and it’s okay to explore these ideas.
3.    Contacting another member in the middle of a thread – interrupting the flow of a thread by asking another member to contact you. To contact another member please use either the message function, to send them a private message or go to the chatroom to see if they are online to chat.

If you’re uncertain about spam posts, you can ask your questions here.

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Re: How to avoid Spam posts

MEL, I appreciate you giving out some of the laws of the land and keeping NOObs like me from making avoidable mistakes.  I know I have made the double posting error before. 


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Re: How to avoid Spam posts

It is also possible to quote more than one person in a same post. Here's how:

Open the Quote links you need in different windows. Right-click on the Quote link, open in a new window
Once you have your new window, select the text you'll need with your mouse,
Copy (CTRL-C) from the new window
Paste (CTRL-V) in your post.

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Re: How to avoid Spam posts

Thanks Terra! I didn't know how to do that before.

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Re: How to avoid Spam posts

Cool Mel

Thank you for putting that post on my site aswell! big_smile

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