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Hi all, I am new to the group but I visit the site a lot.

I know this topic has really tired by now but...

There's something that really bugs me about the popular fan creations of Fett's armor. For some reason everyone seems to think the "real" Fett has two red gauntlets. Most of the Fetts I have seen at shows and on the internet are reproductions of Fett from ROTJ.

But I think the really cool armor combo is the very first Fett armor.

I really dig the original gloves and the red and yellow gauntlets. It's cool because you can see his flame thrower projector on the yellow gauntlet. He just looks so much more mysterious. His armor is scavenged wherever he can find it anyway so I like that it changes over time but the old-school Boba fett just looks so damn cool.

Is there anyone else out there that can see what I am saying?

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Re: Fett's gear

I personally like the red better; they just have a more threatening look to me.  But there are some elements of the ESB armor that were better.  Nice to hear your opinions on it, and welcome to the boards   smile

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Re: Fett's gear

Making an ESB Fett is a little harder, the detailed weathering on the helmet means it takes longer to reproduce. Plus accurate parts are harder to source - things like the pistol he carries in ESB. A fair few people prefer the more robust gauntlets and colourful jetpack of ROTJ not to mention the EE-3. It's entirely likely too that some of the Fett's you've seen at events have been SE Fett's - that is an ESB helmet worn with a ROTJ suit and weapons as seen in the Special Edition A New Hope. As for the Pre-Pro Fetts (that's the yellow and red gaunts you mentioned) fewer people do those costumes (there are 3 versions) because they are not screen seen. It wasn't given any air time save for some publicity shots and a parade so isn't any where near as recognisable. The flightsuit is tighter, the flame unit far more flimsy (even compared to the ESB exposed gauntlet flame unit), the colours are different, the blaster isn't as good (nice but not as good as an EE-3).

Just for the record the VERY FIRST Fett was the Supertrooper aka Albino Fett seen here:

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