Re: Marvel vs. DC

sweet. deadpool is pretty awesome, I think I like wolverine better though.

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Re: Marvel vs. DC

Well...Marvel has Ghost Rider, Deadpool.

As I see it Marvel's Atlantis is cooler, Namor the Submariner is more interesting than DC's Aquaman. With wings or not...Although Black Manta is still one of my favorite villains.

Then again it's Batman that got me into comics in the first place. Can't beat his villains.

The new Ghost Rider arc should be awesome though. *Spoiler Tag*
The two Ghost Riders (Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze) protecting the antichrist so that the angel who just took over heaven can't rewrite the bible.

DC kinda screwed itself with Countdown and Amazons Attack. (I don't read comics much but I do read wiki's and such. Check out Atop the 4th Wall if you like comics either way)

Cool fact though, Archie's The Shield predates Captain America. Making him the first American themed super-hero.

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