Topic: Red Alert: A Path Beyond

This is the official topic for the discussion of the Command and Conquer game Red Alert: A Path Beyond. It is a free online first person (or third) shooter, where you play as either Allies or Soviets, and defend your base. The maps are big, and you can buy all sorts of vehicles and new soldier classes to use. There are also air vehicles. The graphics are like old xbox, but it's fun and it is free. Download it for free from

Yes, C and C is an rts, but this is a fps mod (kind of).

Does anyone else play? I put the download info up so more people can play, because there are not that many players.

"Some soldiers say that to reach maximum combat efficiency, they need to be in the zone. Sir; I live in the zone." - RC 1207 'Sev' to RC 1138 'Boss'