Topic: My Game idea for when I'm older.

My Game idea is a Role-Playing Game on PC.

The Title is called  - Echo

It is taken place in outer space in a space station.

The Year is 2406, and America has launched a brand-new $40, 000 billion space station into orbit....

The President senses something terrible will happen to it, but everything seems fine. 78 brave-willing astronauts, chefs and engineers go forward and take part.

You play as Mark Fallon, a brave 26 year old man, who has dreamed of being an astronaut since he was 7 years old. A few years later, something goes horribly wrong..... YOU have to make to decisisions of who lives and who dies....................

I will print the ideas and dialogue later, ( I have copied it out smile )

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Re: My Game idea for when I'm older.

Ooh this could be interesting big_smile I look forward to hearing more about it big_smile

Do you want to be a games developer when you are older?

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